A Good Day Sacramento Check-In

Good Day Sacramento

Just checked in with my pals at Good Day Sacramento, live from the LDBC Florida satellite office (better known as my mother’s house). Here’s how dangerous this game we play is: when I spoke with them, there were 30 LDBCers down. As I type this, we’ve added four more—and that’s only the people who’ve filled out the form. Never mind those who’ve only reported in via Facebook.

As we’ve already mentioned, Ringo Starr claimed our First Fallen, Craig Barker, this year. So let us never forget the battle cry. (Or never forget it ’til next year, anyway.)

For Craig!

Click to watch: Good Day Sacramento video

2015’s First Fallen: Craig Barker

2015’s First Fallen: Craig Barker

Oh, it’s on, people. And we’ve already got our First Fallen for the year. Though last year’s First Fallen, longtime LDBCer Susan Campbell Beachy, tried her best to get a streak started, she’s the third to report in thus far. This year’s? Craig Barker, taken from us at home by Ringo Starr, who showed up to tell him: you’re beautiful—and you’re mine.

Thus, we have our battle cry for this year.

Keep in mind, please: if and when you go—and it pains us to see that happen—don’t forget to fill out the form: http://bit.ly/LDBCform

Otherwise…for Craig!