Official LDBC Reporting Form

Thanks for going the extra mile and filling out the form! Please be aware that after you hit “submit,” you have to scroll back up to the top to see the thank-you message confirming that your information went through. Otherwise, it’s just a big, gray rectangle. These forms. So touchy.

89 thoughts on “Official LDBC Reporting Form

      • I know! I had a friend report to me that she was out already and I was able to reassure her that the game had not started for 2019. The thrill of this game is that one is completely powerless to do anything. You get attacked by the song and there is nothing you can do but hope to live another year to beat those bastards!

      • See Sharon’s reply, below. One of my favorite parts of reading these thoughts is the number of times the phrase “the bastards” (as in “let ’em try to call me during their pledge drives, the bastards”) appears.

  1. I was listening to the Bullseye podcast at 7pm PST on the 29th featuring the guitar player from Bad Religion. Who was plugging their album. Of traditional Christmas songs. Fuck you, Bad Religion.

  2. One of my Facebook friends posted that “Hendrix should totally record a Christmas album.” Of course, I had to find out if he’d recorded anything joyeux noelly, and the instant I saw he’d done “Silent Night,” I clicked on it. Turned out it was a medley.

  3. I’m still in. But my True Love, Patrick, bought the farm before I even knew he had accepted the challenge. On the classical / pops station on Sirius XM, in his new Volt, driving home from work. By the exquisite classical soprano, Kiri Te Kanawa, Tragic on all levels. (You of a certain age will remember Kiri. She sang “Let the Bright Seraphim” at Prince Charles’ and Lady Diana Spencer’s 1981 wedding. Kiri, how COULD you…) At least he died on the wings of an angel. Still, makes me less sorry that an Oakland crack addict ripped out my 1996 Corolla’s sound system years ago. I’m safe in my beat-up old buggy. (Patrick doesn’t use Facebook or any other social media. I’ll bug him to fill out a Death Certificate soon).

  4. It’s 12 degrees outside, windows open, and I’m sitting in my car smoking a cigarette waiting for my brother to come out of the theater. For some odd reason I didn’t have my own music playing and was listening to the christmas songs played over the mall speakers. I hadn’t thought about the LDBC and then it hit me, what is playing and what am I humming along too??? Yarp, I’m out this year.

  5. I played with fire for four hours by listening to Music Choice while unpacking and decorating a new apt. Sadly, I was just about to turn it off and leave the house. Yup, I cried out, “NOOOOOOO!” Damn Seger…he mocked me again two hours later on the radio with one of his regular tunes. This rookie will be back next year. Time of death, 4:06 p.m. Dec. 10.

  6. Made it 7 days only to be knocked out by THE worst version of the song ever. Peace on Earth, Can it Be? oversung obscuring the LDB in the background.
    TOD: 7:28 EST 12/13/13.

  7. So close and yet so far. My friend and I were chatting with the restaurant owners on our way out of today’s snowy brunch, and I got puh-rum-pum-pum-pummed. At least it was the classic Time-Life collection choral version.

  8. I’m out. My neighbor is Sparky Grizwald of our street and blares Christmas music through outdoor speakers mounted in the trees. Came home from shopping to hear Burl Ives parum-pa-pumming.

  9. I was out on December 7th, a day that will live in infamy. I was visiting my sister in Massachusetts without thinking of the importance of LDBC. She starts to play Christmas music just after Arbor Day so I don’t really even notice it when I enter her house. Sure enough, at approximately 7:25pm, Bing Crosby and David Bowie plunged their LDB dagger into my back, bringing me to my knees and ultimately to my final demise as I collapsed to the floor. Oh the horror! Oh the horror!

  10. I’m out. 12/16. American Horror Story – Murder House.

    I avoided stores, shops, malls, and television. I thought I was safe.

    3rd year player, first year loser.

  11. December 18th 6:47 EST Owen Sound Ontario Canada it happened. My boy’s dance studio had a bit of a pre-Christmas show. Only a half hour long showing off all the routines they had been practicing for competition in the New Year. Not Christmas stuff. But there was. A tap version of the theme song from Christmas Vacation was a nice seasonal treat. Then that old chestnut “Up on the Roof Top” to a kind of jazz dancing. Then the hip hop dance troupe came out and I heard it. Justin Beiber’s, oh the humanity, version of that dreaded song. It is a kind of relief actually. Sorry but I am out!

  12. I’m trying to fill out the form (got knocked out by Jars of Clay’s Drummer Boy version tonight. :/ ) and the form is showing up blank. Is there another link or anything I can do to get it to work?

    • Are you on a mobile device, or a desktop? It used to work on mobile, but this year, it disappeared. (I’ll have to rebuild it next year.) In the meantime, other people have had better luck on a desktop or, if that’s what you’re on already, on another browser. Sorry for the hassle.

  13. Can’t tell if my form went through or not. I’m dead by virtue of King of the Hill. Thought I was safe watching it, but Hank did me in. He only sang one line, but that was enough.

  14. Knocked out today by Philadelphia Sports Talk Radio Station playing it in the background. Survived the mall, Target, carollers at the grocery store only to be eliminated by a little Eagles talk!

  15. Self -inflicted loss yesterday. Debbie, my spouse, said the other day, “We haven’t heard much Christmas music this season — why don’t you put some CDs in the car?” So I grabbed a handful without inspecting for the presence of LDB. Realized my mistake withing the first couple of bars. Never made it to the rump-pa-pa-pums.

  16. I do see the form on Chrome on an iMac, but did not see the Thank You when I submitted. I see “submit another response”, but that may have been there earlier. Did it go through?

  17. DOH! Posted that I lost- then got a message that I didn’t cause a. it ended sooner than I realized and b. even if it had been going still, the fact that my nieces and nephew’s lured me upstairs to hear it (though it did come on to the radio naturally) meant it didn’t count as a lose…Count one loss as a win

  18. Can’t see the form on PC Chrome. I usually do well with this challenge, but I need to report I lost on Dec. 6 at a party. Apparently, they played LDB twice – I heard a couple talking about the song being played earlier & I was thankful I had missed it, but then an hour later, wham! they played it & I went down. Otherwise, it was a great party …

  19. Waaaaaaaaaa I was pah rumpah pum pummed at work. As I realized what I was hearing come over the speakers at work, everyone heard my plaintive “oh sh*t” Out early but at least I don’t have to dread going to the mall this weekend… fight on LDBCrs.

  20. I got a report form emailed from a donotreply address. Can’t tell if you’ve gotten my obituary once, twice, or not at all. I’m confuuuused. (Must have been that drumstick through the head. 12/7/14, NYC, double-murdered with daughter while walking past a store with evil speakers.)

    • Yup—you’re duly recorded, Nina. (And thanks for filling out the form.) I’m not sure where such an email would have come from. Perhaps my doppelgänger? (Full disclosure: I don’t really place any faith in that theory; I just like using umlauts whenever possible.)

      And thanks for double-checking. Consideration and attention to detail won’t necessarily help you in this infuriating game of ours, but it’s always appreciated.

  21. I was watching the national news last night, and they ran a piece about a guy who (intentionally) sells ugly holiday sweaters in his store. Who could resist watching that?? His interview process requires applicants to send in videos of themselves. The news story showed 2 seconds of a candidate dancing to a soundtrack of a guy saying “pah rum pum pum pum” to a hip-hop beat. Drat! (And I have dutifully filled out your reporting form.)

  22. I filled out the reporting form using an iPad but I’m not sure the information got recorded because I saw neither a thank-you message or a gray square. I also may have misunderstood the finishing time because I thought it was 12:01 on 24 December , which has already passed here in the U.K., but now I see it seems to be 12:00 on 24 December, which is still long hours away. However, I am ensconced in a non-LDB household and do not plan to leave it (or turn on the TV) all day so I expect my victory claim, albeit premature, to stand.

    • Sorry for the confusion, Shardröl. That’s my fault for going back and forth between saying midnight on Dec. 23rd and 12:01 am on Dec. 24th. (Believe me, that’s just a small peek at my personal inconsistencies.) If you made it past midnight of the 23rd, your local time. Then you won. Congrats! (And I just checked the spreadsheet that the form feeds into, and you did indeed fill it out successfully.)

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  25. I submitted the form and waited then scrolled up but didn’t see a Thank You message except the original one that was there before I submitted. I hope it went through.

    I lost around 11:30am December 15, 2017. 😦

  26. Hey, I was wondering, I kinda got my midnights mixed up when I submitted my form. I thought it was midnight leading into the 23rd, not 24th. However, I did still manage to avoid The Boy for the whole period. Does my form still count or should I submit a different one?

  27. I won last year, my first year of doing this. I don’t listen to the radio, I don’t watch TV, I work at home, and I rarely visit chain stores, so I’ve got a pretty good chance. However, I do listen to music on YouTube sometimes. I keep turning off the Auto Play feature but YouTube turns it back on. This year, around December 11, I’m sitting at my desk working, listening to music here and there, and YouTube queues up the Bing Crosby / David Bowie video and plays it. Sneakily, as if lying in wait. I had never seen/heard the video before so I didn’t know what it was. “What in Sam Hill IS this?” I’m saying to myself, and then I hear the first notes of that familiar melody… Rats!

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  29. Gah! Never ever take your best friend souvenir shopping in Florida during the holidays on her way to the airport. I’m out.

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