LDBCer Dispatch: House Skochko Is Felled in the Court of Foods

Evil Nutcrackers
Evil nutcrackers by Sam Howzit

Many thanks to Ms. Julia Skochko, a veteran LDBCer who went out too soon, but gave us some giggles in the process. The kids are all right. And sometimes parents should listen to them to avoid getting the entire family mowed down.

Friends, Facebookians, Drummer-Dodgers: it is with profound sorrow that I must inform you of our family’s elimination. A scant eighteen hours passed betwixt the start of the challenge and our downfall (Nov. 26th, 6 pm). I can scarcely bear to write it, but it was my own hubris that sealed our fate.

“Let’s go to the Christkindlmart in Bethlehem!”, I said. “There’ll be ice carvers, and glittery pinecones, and mulled cider ‘n’ shit!”

The children protested, bless them (“No! We wanna play Minecraft and smear Cheese Doodle dust on everything you love!”). We arrived, and still they attempted to save us (“This sucks! Let’s leave and try to startle the ice carver while he’s using his chainsaw!”).

Alas, the poor dears’ efforts were for naught: a fusillade of drumbeats felled us moments later as we supped in the Court of Foods. Even eggnog rice pudding and zesty Cuban flatbread taste like ashes in one’s mouth after such a horror.

Be not like me, friends. Arrogance is as useless as a glitter pinecone when contending with this Boy.

One thought on “LDBCer Dispatch: House Skochko Is Felled in the Court of Foods

  1. Sister Julia…May you now Shop and Play in Peace for the rest of this Holiday Season…strong in the knowledge that the fate that befell you, only serves to strengthen the Collective WE…and I dare say, I will sally forth in your Honour…doing my best to sidestep that tricky little monkey man and his tin drum! Cheers…British Columbia, Canda

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