The 2014 LDBC Has Begun. Boy, Has It.



Thus, we’ve begun, friends. Not even 12 hours into this, our annual battle between darkness and light, and one of us has already been snuffed. Sadly, Susan Campbell Beachy, who contributed the “Not Marie, Though” header image to last year’s roundup post, was felled by nasty Natalie Cole at Michael’s on Northern Boulevard in Woodside, Queens this morning. In order to make her feel a little better (and because we happened to think of it, and anyway why not?), we’re creating the designation of First Fallen for those unlucky enough to be number-one victim each year. Thus, we bring you our first First Fallen: Susan Campbell Beachy.

And we’re also kicking off the 2014 LDBC with another stellar offering from jammin’ James Barnett’s Fright Club series, our shockingly sharable images based on classic horror flicks. (And keep in mind, please, that Mr. Barnett is your man in Phoenix, Tempe, or Scottsdale for wedding photos and portraits.)

Now, to start of this year’s game right, I’ll just throw in some housekeeping reminders:

  • Though we always hope that all of us (yes, all 2,000-plus of us now) make it unscathed, that ain’t gonna happen. So if and when you do go down valiantly, please stop by the Facebook page for some sympathy and/or mocking (depends on who responds).
  • Also, please fill out the reporting form (handy link: so that you’re properly enshrined on the Wall of the Fallen—and so that we can properly track the most dangerous locations and musical acts for this year.
  • Feel free to share some of your kids’ holiday artwork for consideration as a post header this year (you can post it to the Facebook wall or email it to us via this page).
  • Finally, we love the tradition of the LDBC-elfie, which just started last year. Document your moment of tragedy with a snapshot, send it to us via the Facebook wall or our email page, and we’ll share it with your fellow LDBCers. Here are last year’s offerings by way of example:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Above all, let’s be careful out there, people. Let’s bring as many of us home alive as we can.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

For Susan!

4 thoughts on “The 2014 LDBC Has Begun. Boy, Has It.

  1. Sorry to see you go, Suzy. It could have been me! I wasn’t aware my husband had on Xmas music in the background until I heard Jingle Bells. I quickly turned the TV on…pretty sad that I’d rather listen to news about Michael Brown than the LDB.

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