Which Disturbing El Rey Cards Should See Life in Print?

El Rey holiday cards

Nothing says Happy Holidays like off-kilter cards, and we here at LDBC Central are as off as off can be. As is our artist pal El Rey (creator of the delightful Drum Demon), who would like some help in choosing which of his designs to print and sell.

If you’re up for it, please take a moment to select your top-five favorites. (And five is all you can select since we’re authoritarian freaks.) If you have no ha’penny, no problem. You can find out how to download and print ‘em yourself here: http://mlkshk.com/p/VOEZ

Thanks, as always, people. And be ever-vigilant. Black Friday’s not far now.

Update: For some reason, the poll doesn’t seem to appear here or on Facebook if you’re using Chrome on the Mac, but Firefox and Safari render it just fine. Apparently, the good folks at Google fear the Boy as much as we do.