The 12 Days of Christmas Songs Worse than LDB: Madonna’s Santa Baby

We need a holiday—from Madge’s saccharine “Santa Baby.”

Madonna’s treacly take on Eartha Kitt’s slightly less treacly 1953 hit appeared on 1987’s “A Very Special Christmas,” along with such enduring Yuletide classics as The Coug’s rendition of “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” (see my last take-down, er, post) and Bon Jovi’s version of “Back Door Santa.”

According to my airtight source (an unreferenced statement on the “Santa Baby” Wikipedia entry), “Santa Baby” is one of only two Christmas hits penned by a woman (Joan Javits, the niece of NY Senator Jacob K. Javits, for all you factoid-heads). The other one? “Carol of the Drum” by Katherine K. Davis—better known as “The Little Drummer Boy.” — Mrs. LDBC

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