Happy Thanksgiving—Now Armor Up

[Exorcist Boy by Jammin’ James Barnett]

Happy Turkey Day to you and yours, fellow LDBCers. Bond or battle with your family, as circumstance dictates. Watch or ignore the games. But come tomorrow, Black Friday, He walks among us, and we’re the ones gobbling and running from the axe.

Please don’t let those dark thoughts spoil your enjoyment of the holiday, though. Hell, he may not even show this year. [Insert Ron Howard narrator voice: “He did.”]

And should you require a quick review of the rules—if only to smack down that annoying uncle who insists he’s going to play it for you after midnight and knock you out of the game because he doesn’t understand we have a way of dealing with idiots like him—you’ll find them here: bit.ly/LDBCrules.

Now go be thankful!

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving—Now Armor Up

  1. Are you based in the San Francisco Bay Area? Along with playing the game, I’m a reporter and would like to write a story if you are based locally.

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    • Sorry for the delayed response, Janis; I wasn’t getting notifications of new comments, for some reason. I used to live in San Francisco, actually, but I’ve been in Chicago for the past 13 years. If you’re ever interested, though, I’m happy to talk. But thanks for asking either way!

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