Puh-Rum-Pum-Pum-Post-Game Results for 2020

Mad Max: Fury Road's Furiosa

When it comes to 2020, Furiosa speaks for us all.

Some years, I struggle with how to lead off the wrap-up. This year, I nearly started with William K.‘s haiku (below) just to shock you all into paying attention. But 2020 doesn’t need any more shocks, and William’s writing may be a little too, shall we say, unconventional for some.

Then I came upon a comment from Jennifer Borchardt, who asked: “Have I been playing since year one? Has it really been 11 years?”

You have, and it has, Jennifer. Because without realizing it, we’ve created a tradition. We’ve been doing this a decade plus one. Only in 2020, it wasn’t just William K.’s haiku that was unconventional or unexpected. The whole damned year was one booby trap after another, and it was the tradition that helped us through it.

I couldn’t figure out how to approach the write-up this year. It’s a hoot to play up the chaos, drama, and mayhem of the game. But given the last 10 months, how do you avoid blundering into the realm of the insensitive? Well, it takes some gallows humor, a wry outlook, and heart, which the people who take part in This Thing of Ours have in abundance. That’s how you confront the bruises left by the unanticipated.

Donna Hutchinson Cicero

Donna Hutchinson Cicero’s two-generation team

“[O]ne strange wild dark long year, Halloween came early,” Ray Bradbury wrote in Something Wicked This Way Comes. For those who’ve never read that book, it’s about a surprise carnival that rolls into a small Illinois town in the middle of an October night. Once it opens for business, it becomes clear that the most dangerous fears are those you tried to bury, those that surface without warning—those that use you as a weapon against yourself.

In 2020, Halloween showed up in March. Only the masks weren’t the fun kind, and it was too dangerous to go knocking on doors. By the time The Boy came along in November, our made-up terrors were helping to distract us from the real ones. The tradition gave us something to use against the surprise.

“I usually lose at my mom’s assisted living facility because they have so many concerts during the holidays that I attended with her,” Kate Anne Canan wrote when reporting her win. “Last year I even lost there because I was playing flute for their Christmas dinner, and a sweet old lady requested it; how could I say no? My mom passed away in April at 97, and the Challenge now reminds me of all the wonderful times we had sharing music in the last few years.”

Susan Loring Crane's Near-Death-by-Car

Susan Loring Crane’s Near-Death-by-Car

After 11 years, even something as profoundly goofy as This Thing of Ours begins to mean something despite our best efforts. It reminds Kate of her mom. It offers a hand to those who see the holidays as an annual ordeal. It allows us to concentrate on the brainless when it seems like we’re surrounded by the hopeless.

“The thing is, nobody said it was going to be fun. At least, nobody said it to me.” I quote that line from The Big Chill now and again because it’s appropriate more often than I’d like. And while it may be true, we can still endeavor to make things as entertaining as possible. The LDBC is fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Not even this year, when so many people thought it’d be a cakewalk because we were all sitting at home.

It was a little easier, going by the numbers. But only a little. As I recall, at least one player asked if we were going to bother having the game. Yet we only went from a winning rate of 36 percent in 2019 to 40 percent this time around. An improvement, yes, but not one that says the game wasn’t difficult enough.

No surprise, really, when you consider that in the past, nearly 50 percent of those taken down had it happen at home or in the car (29 percent and 17 percent, respectively). People spent plenty of time in both environments while sheltering. This year, automotive losses held steady, but home-front defeats jumped to a whopping 59 percent. So it’s not like home has ever been harmless. Not when The Boy appears in so many movies and TV episodes as well as on playlists your family swore up and down they scrubbed clean before you fired up the Spotify and decorated the tree.

That, again, is why This Thing of Ours is the perfect blend of tradition and surprise. The Boy has an 11-year history of showing up in the same old places, heralded by the same old villains. Bing and Bowie claim their share, though challengers such as Pentatonix are no slouches, either. Meanwhile, Carrie Underwood and her demon spawn come out of nowhere to victimize the unsuspecting. The Boy respects tradition, yet he’s perfectly happy to innovate and experiment with new attacks, too.


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Speaking of tradition, this is our third year supporting Americares, so I’ll take this opportunity to put in one last call for donations. (And thank you to those who’ve already given and those who are about to.) If you’re not able to or would rather not, that’s fine, too. The game is the game, and we’re only too happy to have you join us.

Joining. The tradition of banding together, honoring the First Fallen (for Rigdzin!), and facing our foes and challenges together is what keeps me doing this. And the surprising number of you who return year after year makes it seem like it’s no work at all.

And with that, I’ll ask you to stay safe and leave you ’til next year with the Shalom-like traditional phrase that’s been hello and goodbye for more than a decade now.

Puh-rum-pum-pum-pum, people.

The Quick and the Dead


Source: LDBC Analytics, Inc.

Song Sung Blue

Homicidal Artist Percentage of Victims Claimed
TV Episode/Movie 16.6%
Bing Crosby and David Bowie 9.8%
Bing Crosby 7.7%
Pentatonix 7.0%
Live Performance/Encounter 5.9%
Harry Simeone Chorale 4.3%
For King & Country 4.1%
Bob Seger 3.4%
Friend/Loved One/Colleague 2.7%
Perry Como 2.3%
Vince Guaraldi (“My Little Drum”) 2.3%
Carrie Underwood 2.0%
Recorded Instrumental/Muzak 1.8%
Justin Bieber 1.8%
Josh Groban 1.6%
Leslie Odom Jr. 1.4%
Leslie Jordan 1.1%
Johnny Cash 1.1%
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings 0.9%
Michael Buble 0.9%
Anne Murray 0.7%
Ray Charles 0.7%
Emmylou Harris 0.7%
Pink Martini 0.7%
Vienna Boys Choir 0.7%
Ray Conniff Singers 0.7%
Grace Jones (Pee Wee’s Playhouse) 0.7%
Faith Hill 0.7%
Andy Williams 0.7%
Piano Guys 0.5%
Dandy Warhols 0.5%
Frank Sinatra 0.5%
Mannheim Steamroller 0.5%
Jars of Clay 0.5%
Low 0.5%
Sonny Bradshaw Seven 0.5%
The Temptations 0.5%
Mormon Tabernacle Choir 0.5%
John Tesh 0.5%
Celtic Woman 0.5%
Toby Mac 0.5%
Joan Jett 0.5%
Lauren Daigle 0.2%
Dolly Parton 0.2%
Shinedown 0.2%
Larry Carlton 0.2%
Count Basie Orchestra 0.2%
Kurt Elling 0.2%
Percy Faith 0.2%
The Salsoul Orchestra 0.2%
Eric Tingstad 0.2%
The Roches 0.2%
Destiny’s Child 0.2%
Johnny Mathis 0.2%
Carsen Gray 0.2%
The Ragbirds 0.2%
Santana 0.2%
Meaghan Smith 0.2%
Ringo Starr 0.2%
Bright Eyes 0.2%
Richard Marx 0.2%
Boyz II Men 0.2%
MonaLisa Twins 0.2%
Maysa 0.2%
Dianne Reeves 0.2%
Beegie Adair 0.2%
Mariah Carey 0.2%
Beatles 0.2%
Walk Off the Earth 0.2%
Los Straitjackets 0.2%
Miracle Legion 0.2%
Lonestar 0.2%
Harry Connick Jr. 0.2%
Michele McGlaughlin 0.2%
Jimi Hendrix 0.2%
Michael Bolton 0.2%
Jessica & Ashlee Simpson 0.2%
Beck 0.2%
Jennifer Nettles 0.2%
Mercy Me 0.2%
Jeff St. Pierre & Phillip Ant 0.2%
Lennon Sisters 0.2%
LeAnn Rimes 0.2%

Here Is Where the Story Ends

2020 Place Type

Source: LDBC Analytics, Inc. (full-sized version)

Comes a Time

2020 Week of Demise

Source: LDBC Analytics, Inc. (full-sized version)

LDBC-Elfies: Tragedy and Triumph Captured

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LDBCer Tales from the Trenches

Kim Bassett – L

2020 teaches us that lightning cares not where it strikes. The Boy, OTOH, reminds us that fate is not the irresistible imposition of an outside force, but rather the inexorable self-realization of one’s inevitable foibles and resulting destiny. Me, I had the audacity not just to want a clean toilet, but to be mildly entertained during the cleaning. For my hubris I paid the highest price.

I accept my fate. The Boy is no more the culprit than was Romeo’s poison nor Icarus’s sun. In my demise I both confront and embrace the chilling reality: I am The Boy. The Boy is me. The Boy is all of us—The Boy was inside us all along.

Justin Burke – W

Definitely easier in 2020. Bring on the vaccination so we can go back to fearing The Boy with the intensity we need.

Susan G. – L

Immediately after hearing TLDB over the canned music the store was playing and standing dejectedly in line for having lost so close to the deadline, I got to the register and found out that someone paid my grocery bill!!!! I kind of am in love with The Boy now!

Cindy K. George – L

I was watching a 27-year-old home video, and Christmas music started playing in the background. Before I could mute it, I identified the tune as that of The Boy. What are the chances?

Chandra J. – W

Look, I have no idea how I keep winning. By sheer chance this year, I was upstairs with our toddler while my husband was watching a Disney Christmas special with our other kids that took him out. He nobly texted me to not come down and that he had fallen. Is this like that terrible movie with Bruce Willis and that kid, and Bruce is dead but doesn’t know it, and I piss off the people I’m watching it with by blurting out, “Oh, Bruce is dead” in the first few minutes? But instead, this time I’m not the movie-ruiner—I’m Bruce, and the Drummer Boy is that kid, and I am stuck in some weird in-between place where I don’t realize The Boy has gotten me? This analogy really fell apart at the end, but that’s kind of how I feel about 2020 in general. A year that fell apart. But I beat The Boy. But did I? Because he chases me always.

William K. – W

haikus are easy
much easier than taking
a strap-on dildo

Carole M. – L

Damn you, Aaron Burr!

Peg Mc. – L

I love your use of the Oxford comma. Thank you.

Tatiana Orozco – L

My stepdaughter—even though she insisted she was “not playing that game” (but we’re all playing kid)—also insisted that she was losing in solidarity with me, which I actually did find incredibly heartwarming. Of course, she also pointed out that my retreat into the fetal position on the cold hard cabin floor was dramatic, so there’s that.

Linda F. Renzulli – W

I hate that I won. As an 11-year LDBC veteran, I have always enjoyed the Christmas season playfully avoiding that song. I’ve lost every year, but that was part of the fun. This year, I won by default, simply because as a high COVID risk, I was quarantining in my home and never ventured outside. I would gladly lose every year to this mini-son of a bitch if only the world could be healthy again.

Carrie Slone – W

I actually won something!

Julie Walsh – L

God, I hate Perry Fucking Como.

Audra Whitton – W

I was one of the ones who predicted we may have a higher win rate this year. For once, I was right about something in 2020, and I won! But, seriously, in a year that was a real dumpster fire and a holiday season I’ve struggled to get excited about, thank you for giving me a tradition I could uphold and bringing some joy back to the season. I played LDB Roulette this year, not filtering my lists or keeping the radio off in the car just to add some excitement to the commute. Being a nurse during a pandemic has been wild, and it was nice to have something I could playfully dread (as opposed to everything else, which has been dread of the far less fun kind).

The Victorious and the Vanquished: The LDBC Wall

Name Result
A., Tricia L
A., Karen L
A., Ashley L
A., Rebecca L
A., Michele L
A., John L
A., Marie W
A., Justin W
A., Angela L
A., Joni W
A., Laura W
A., Pat L
A., Rox W
Abel, Dana L
Adams, Cathy L
Adler, Ellyn W
Albans, Dylan W
Allmer, Christina L
Almjeld, Susan Gartman L
Altreuter, William C L
Anastasia, Shandi L
Anderson, Claire L
Anderson, JB L
Anderson, Sarah L
Anderson, Susan W
Anne, Meg L
Anthony, Kathy M. L
Arkless, Mary L
Aronoff, Janee W
Asher, Allison W
Ashkenaz, Scott W
Austin, Karen D. L
Azadi, Cass L
B., Rebecca L. L
B., Cheyenne S. L
B., Lisa D. L
B., Maggie L
B., Scott L
B., Terri L
B., Beth L
B., Tricia L
B., Sandy L
B., Heather L
B., Ellen L
B., Laura L
B., Cherie L
B., Jack L
B., Mark L
B., Gwen L
B., Kelli L
B., Anna L
B., Isaac L
B., Laura W
B., Melissa W
B., Shawn L
B., Steel W
B., Kendal W
B., Maxwell W
B., Lisa W
B., Kelly W
B., Landon L
B., Kirsten W
B., Marissa W
B., Brooke W
B., Jenna W
B., Anissa L
B., Alan L
B., Wil W
Babcock, Brian L
Babish, Liz L
Bachs, Rhedde L
Bailey, Noel W
Baker, Elizabeth Amy W
Baker, Jamie W
Balik, Sammi W
Baltes, Scott L
Banks, Stacie L
Barish, Mike W
Barker, Jennifer L
Barker, Craig D. L
Barnett, Jamie W
Barr, Christine B. W
Bassett, Kim L
Batchelor, Patricia L
BatTzedek, Elliott F. W
Bauer, Renee W
BD, Leah L
Beachy, Susan L
Beck, Sarah W
Beebe, Gillian, William & Ginger L
Bennett, Angela L. L
Bergstrom, Sarah W
Berry, David L
Bianchi, Emma L
Biando, Becky W
Bingham, Craig A. W
Birkemeier, Glenn L
Blackburn, Barak W
Blakeslee, Jennifer L
Blowers, Julia W
Blu, Azulberry L
Bond, Ian Michael W
Booth, Brendon W
Borchardt, Jennifer W
Borck, Nathanael L
Bradford, Timothy W
Bradley, Chuck L
Bragiel, Carl L
Braine, Kathryn L
Braine, Bill L
Breitner, Pieter D. W
Bremer, Grant James W
Brittain, Lucretia W
Brock, Glenny W
Brock, George L
Broner, Jacqueline L
Brown, Michele L
Brown, Lisa L
Brown, Jessica L
Browning, Heather W
Brundage, Patrick L
Bubier, Sophia L
Bubier, Jason A. L
Burger, Chad L
Burke, Justin W
Burlingham, Ann L
Butcher, Elizabeth L
Butkiewicz, Christine L
C., David J. W
C., Brooke A. W
C., Lynn L
C., Jay L
C., Claudia L
C., Aaron L
C., RoxAnn L
C., Brad L
C., Elaine L
C., Karen L
C., Catherine L
C., Jason L
C., Jason W
C., Chelsea W
C., Heather W
C., Jesse L
C., Greg W
C., Beth W
C., James W
C., Jayann W
C., Lauren L
Caldwell, Colin W
Call, Christine M. L
Cam, Camilo Olivieri L
Campbell, Keith L
Campbell, Y. L
Campbell, Carolynn W
Canan, Kate Anne W
Cara, Anam L
Carbonell, Nancy W
Carocci, Claire W
Carson, James W
Carvalho, Lisa L
Case, Jade L
Casey, Ed L
Cason, Donna G. W
Caston, Casey W
Chaffee, Nathan L
Chamness, Janelle L
Chipman, Chris W
Christensen, Mike L
Church, Lisa W
Cicero, Donna L
Cicero, Morgan L
Ciucci, Lauren R. L
Clark, Nicole C. W
Clark, Nicole C. W
Clark, Jenie W
Clements, Kristi L
Cleveland, Rachel W
Cohen, Zoe L
Coleman, Kelly L
Collins, Katherine L
Colón, Yvette W
Cook, Jen L
Cook, Amanda W
Cook, Jay W
Cook, Sophia W
Coombs, Kyle L
Cooper, Robin L
Costea, Cher W
Cottle, Traci Vietor L
Crane, Susan L
Crawford, Mindy G. L
Crocker, Brittany W
Cummings, Dan W
Cummins, Jean L
Cummins, Kirsten W
Currie, Alyssa L
Curro, Christy W
Curtin, Claire W
Cyr, Nathan Thomas L
D., Daniel L. L
D., Amy W
D II, Richard W
D., Maida L
D., Joan Marie L
D., Rick L
D., Hannah L
D., Lisa L
D., Ruthie L
D., Jordana L
D., Adrienne L
D., Dennis L
D., Sara L
D., Christina L
D., Mickie L
D., Pam L
D., Jae W
D., Shaylyn W
D., Thom L
D., David W
D., Andy W
D., Joshua W
D., Jennifer W
D., Rebecca W
D., John L
Dage, Theo R. L
Damon, Steve W
Davis, Tina M. L
Davis, Matthew L
Davis, Matt W
Davis, Mary Alice W
Dazzle, Hollie W
De Shazer, Karen W
Dean, Liz L
DeMattia, Bill W
Dewar, Oliver L
Dimitri, Robert L
Doberstein, Anne L
Doherty, Dawn W
Donkey, Simon L
Dorje, Rigdzin L
Dotta, Andrew L
Draper, Dave W
Druery, Blake H. W
Dudek, Matt W
Dudek, Randy S. W
Dulchinos, Don W
Dumlao, Justin W
Durkin, Charlotte L
Duthie, Holly W
Dyer, Marc David L
E., Sara L
E., Robin L
E., Paul L
E., Amanda W
E., Michelle W
Earl, Donna L
Eastman-Kurtz, Molly L
Ecallaw, Mey L
Eddy, Kelly L
Emeigh, Mike L
Emm, Erin L
Eppich, Katherine W
Erickson, Jessica L
Eynouf, Erica W. W
F., Wes L
F., Lois L
F., Doug L
F., Denise L
F., Kelly L
F., Sean L
F., Elizabeth L
F., James L
F., Mara W
F., Fawn W
F., Julia W
F., Alyssa W
F., Amanda W
F., Christina W
F., Sebastian W
F., Scott W
F., Sam L
Faucher, Liz W
Faustine, Sam P. L
Feinson, Sam L
Fermenich, Justin L
Fernau, Betty L
Ferrier, Sarah Sandusky L
Finkelstein, Liz W
Finnegan, Sheila W
Fischer, Molly L. W
Flanagan, Tenacious D. W
Fletcher, Kari L
Fletcher, Barrett L
Fletcher, Kristin W
Foss, CJ W
Foy, Joseph L
Frank, Zilpha (Lisa) Banlaki L
Freeman, Pamela W
Fricke, Lane W
Frye, Darrell W
G., Cristina M. L
G., Chel L
G., Kristina L
G., Melissa L
G., Joanna L
G., Rachel L
G., Carla L
G., Wendy L
G., Beverly L
G., Amanda W
G., Valerie W
G., Claudia W
G., Susan L
G., Chloe W
G., Randi W
G., Dan W
G., KT W
G., Joey W
G., Michele L
Gainer, Renee W
Gaither, Daigan W
Galinson, Steph L
Gallagher, George P. W
Gardner, Jonathan P. W
Gavazzi, Mel L
Gay, Lisa Coots W
George, Cindy K. L
Giangrande, Tina L
Gironella, Ninette L
Glidden, Michael Morgan W
Goodson, Taryn W
Goodyear, Alison L
Gough, Laura W
Gracey, Pat L
Gray, Carrie L. L
Gray, Iris W
Green, Megan L
Green, Andrew Terrence W
Greene, Emily L
Greiner, Michael W
Grieve, Kelly W
Griffin, John J. L
Griffin-Whitehead, Dena W
Gripman, Jen W
Guimont, Laura L
Guthrie, Lara W
H., Nikolette A. L
H., Sandy L. W
H-A, Trish L
H., Cate L
H., Madeline L
H., Lesley L
H., Dorothy L
H., Amy L
H., Beth L
H., Raeann L
H., Sharon Lee L
H., Christine L
H., Barbara L
H., Jeffrey L
H., Erin L
H., Josh L
H., Eric L
H., Bunny W
H., Erin W
H., Stephanie W
H., Dave W
H., Michael W
H., Terry W
H., Jeremy W
H., Emily L
H., Bex W
H., Jeff L
H., Steph L
H., Tyler W
Hamilton, Reid L
Hamilton, Chris R. W
Hanashy, Renee T. L
Hanson, April W
Hardy, Susan W
Harick, Barb L
Harkin, Loren Chodosh L
Harrison, Aldo L
Hart, Denyse L. L
Harvey, Larisa L
Hatch, Rollie W
Hatcher, Cody C. L
Haven, Anie J. L
Hawkins, Dillon L
Hawley, Rob L
Head, Michelle W
Heck, Emily W
Hedrick, Nikki W
Hennessey, Christina W
Henning, Ben L
Henning, Mandy W
Henson, Karen W
Herlihy, Patrick W
Herr, Kristi L
Hess, Jen L
Hicks, Craig L
Hight, Brian L
Hill, Christine L
Hill, Mckenna L
Hill, Merynne L
Hindman, Joyce W
Hodgson, Erin L. W
Hoksch, David W
Holler, Steve L
Holley, Allyson M. W
Hopkins, Sherry W
Horiuchi, Lynne R. L
Hornyak, Jeff L
Houlihan, Christopher W
Houltham, Jen L
Houltham, Stephen W
Howard, Aaron L
Howard, Chris W
Huber, Joanna L
Hughes, Kendra L
Hughes, Joy W
Huizinga, Robyn R. L
Humphreys, Mary W
Hunt, Melinda L
Huston, Steve W
Hutton, Sheryl L
Hyde-Broderick, Janine L
I., Lynn L
I., Elizabeth W
Ilika, Karen L
Imhoff, Jerome L
Isaacson, Lynn L
Isaacson, Peter L
Ivicek, Victoria W
J., Chris L
J., Dorie L
J., Tim L
J., Tori L
J., Stacey L
J., Christi W
J., Clawdia W
J., Cam L
J., Serena W
J., Amanda W
J., Amanda W
J., Chandra W
Jackson, KJ W
Jackson, Jon W
Jacob, Renae L
Jacobs, Henry Stonewall L
Jacobs, Brittany S. W
Jacobs, Rachel A. W
Jacobson, Meredith W
Jaitin, Gail Naomi L
Jamieson, Bruce W
Janos, Dave L
Jenkins, Sarah L
Jensen, Iris E. L
Jo, Debbie L
Johnson, Matt L. L
Johnson, Brian L
Jones, April L
Jones, Tracy Diane W
Joseph, Jeff J. W
Joyner, Wade W
K., Nate L
K., Seth L
K., Shanan L
K., Desirée L
K., Sarah L
K., Tina L
K., Kevin W
K., Edva W
K., William W
Kaiser, Charles R. L
Kashuba, Ken L
Kay, Mereille W
Keaskowski, Alicia L
Kelly, Justin W
Kent, Jessica L
Kenyon, Mike “Grand” L
Kerr, Marq L
Kief, Kristen W
Kilgore, Addie Tripp L
Kingsley, Shelly W
Kitrel, Elizabeth W
Kittoe, Jeff W
Kneeland, Mishell B. W
Kraiger, Michael W
Kuhn, Julia L
Kunz, Benjamin L
Kunz-Slagle, Nicole L
L., Nancy J. W
L-C, Lorien W
L., Kate L
L., Gretchen L
L., Jason L
L., Joe L
L., Stephanie L
L., JeanMarie L
L., Julia L
L., Brigid W
L., Steve W
L., Bridget W
L., Andrea W
L., Jen W
L., Kit L
L., Rebecca W
L., Jennifer W
L., Cara W
L., Melissa L
Landers-King, Letitia L
Lane, Miguelito L
Lane, Keith W
Lane, Justin W
Langill, Christine L
Lank, Madeline Mary L
Larb, Kevin W
Larkin, Nancy W
LaValley, Kaitlin W
Law, Polly M. W
Layton, Mary L
Lebowsky, Beth L
Lerner, Mark L
Levitan, Stacy L
Lewald, Jennifer L
Lillard, Rhonda Batchelor W
Lindemann, Krista W
Lindner, Ksrl L
Lindsey, Patrick L
Lindsey, Amanda B. L
Lines, Julian L
Linville, Keith L
Littau, Jeremy W
Loeffler, Lauren W
Loeffler, Carolyn W
Loyd, Tiffany L. L
Lucas, Marc L
Lynde, Jerry W
M., Patricia P. L
M., Jennifer M. L
M., Wendy F. L
M., Melissa A. L
M., Melanie G. W
M., Meg P. L
M-G, Killashandra L
M., Stephanie L
M., Carol L
M., Lillian L
M., PJ L
M., Jennifer L
M., Rebecca L
M., Amy L
M., Melissa L
M., Amanda L
M., DJ L
M., Paul L
M., Emma L
M., Rachel L
M., Carol L
M., Debralee L
M., Johanna L
M., Jen W
M., Jeff W
M., Carol L
M., Mary W
M., Roxanne W
M., Kim L
M., Stacy W
M., Holly L
M., Nicole W
M., Stacy L
M., Elizabeth W
M., Carole L
Macaulay, Jill L
MacKenzie, Doug W
MacKinnon, Bryn W
Madesclaire, Marine L
Magrisso, Stephanie L
Majewski, Katherine L
Mallon, Kelley L
Mansfield, Lily W
Mark, Sarah L
Marks, Scott L
Marracco, Muffy L
Marshall, Karyn W
Martinez, CJ W
Martinson, Linda L
Massey, Misty W
Matthews, Jen L
Mc, Anita L
Mc, Peg L
McAuley, KC L
McC, Liz W
McCain, Billie W
McFadden, John L
McIntosh, Grace L
McIntosh, Trish A. W
McNeely, Karen S. L
Meckler, Amelia L
Meister, Ever L
Melton, Mike L
Melton, Holly W
Merckel, Bob L
Merrill, Annie L
Mewha, Darren L
Micha, Alyssa M. W
Mignone, Bernadette T. W
Miller, Ashley J. L
Mirenda, Kristen L
Mochari, Loren Swiss W
Moe, Erin W
Moilanen, Kristin L
Moore, Megan L
Moore, Liz W
Morigeau, Christopher Joseph L
Morrison, Cathy L
Morrison, Jarrod L
Murphy, Roy W
Murphy, Eric C. W
Musson, Micharl E. W
Myers, Jessie W
N., Angie L
N., JH L
N., Rachel W
N., Jon L
N., Victoria W
N., Kevin W
N., Erin W
N., Catherine W
N., Ronald L
Nassivera, Jenn L
Navion, Petra L
Nellie, Amanda L
Neulist, Nicolle W
Newman, Stephanie W
Ng, Lisa W
Nickels, Brenden L
Nixon, Jen L. L
Noaker, Cierra L
Noel, Morgan L
Nolan, Mike W
Nordstrom, Elizabeth W
Nordstrom, Ron W
Northrop, Stephanie L
Norton, Jo L
Nuri, Bryan L
O., Jacqueline L
O., Mike L
O., Grace W
O., Carol W
O., Julie W
O., Kris L
O’Neill, Judy L
O’S., Jennifer L
O’Connor, Iris W
Olive-McStay, Sarah L
Olivero, Tara W
Olschanski, Stephen F. L
Olson, Kara L
Olsson, Pauline L
ONeill, Christy L
Orozco, Tatiana L
Ortiz-Kane, Angelique W
Ost, Roger Duane L
Oswalt, Sandi W
P., Haylea M. L
P., Jackson W. W
P., Lori E. W
P-K, Jennifer L
P., Rollin L
P., Jessie L
P., Emily L
P., David L
P., Alexis L
P., Liza L
P., Janet V. L
P., Mike W
P., Rudi W
P., Lindsey W
P., Esther W
P., Jami W
P., Mike W
Palisoc, Angela L
Parkins, Andrea L
Paximadis, Lori L
Pedersen, Stacey L
Pellissier, Denise L
Pelllissier, Laura Walker L
Peterson, Nancy L
Pez, Jane L
Phaiah, Caitlin L
Photopoulos, Amy L
Pierson, Melissa L
Plaisted, Susie W
Poblete, Rex W
Poff, Domna L
Polansky, Adam L
Popović, Sanya L
Porter, Melissa L
Potter, Truman L
Povah, Krissi L
Prentice, Kim D. L
Pritchett, Brian Cale L
Prober, Melissa L
Pryor, Joanne W
PT, Amy W
Purvis, SK W
Queen, Snow L
Quimby, Lisa L
Quinn, Dana L
R., Chris C. L
R., Rick Lee W
R., Khajha L
R., Susan W
R., Michelle W
R., Diane W
R., Gino W
Rainbow, Kent L
Raskolnikov, Masha L
Raucci, Samantha L
Rea, Laura L
Recio, Jamie W
Reed, Tammey L
Reid, Mary E. L
Renach, Bob W
Renda, Tara W
Reno, Susan A. W
Renzulli, Linda F. W
Reynolds, Amanda W
Reznek, Abigail W
Reznek, Karen W
Rhodes, Tracy R. L
Rice, Jamie L
Richter, Marc L
Rinke, Robyn A. L
Rivera, Alex L
Robichaux, Paul L
Robichaux, Julie W
Roche, Kayla L
Romanyshyn, Leslie W
Rosado, Cedee L
Rosen, Peg L
Ross, Shelley S. L
Roth, Amy W
Ruggiero, Megan M. W
Rutford, Sue L
Rutford, Doug L
S., Susan S. L
S., Dina C. L
S-G, Joe P. L
S., Kerin L
S., Lelani L
S., Emily L
S., Barbara L
S., Lexi L
S., Kristin L
S., John L
S., Jake L
S., Rlph L
S., Hunter L
S., MacKenzie L
S., Lee Ann L
S., Kelli L
S., Mike L. L
S., Sue L
S., Richard L
S., Krista L
S., Shanna L
S., Mary-Margaret L
S., Kaari L
S., Christopher L
S., Zan L
S., Heather L
S., Kevin W
S., Kenneth W
S., Ginger W
S., Alyson W
S., Art L
S., Anne L
S., Mosje W
S., Dee W
S., Sarah W
S., Kirsty W
S., Alttara W
S., Tristan W
S., N W
S., I. W
S., Beth W
S., Lissa L
S., Suzanne L
S., Rebekah W
Sacchi, Christine W
Sailors, Kenneth M. W
Salvador, Phil W
Sampson, Meg L
Samuelson, Michael W
Scarlato, Tracy W
Schaad, Elwood W
Schaeffer, Julie L
Schneider, Maria L. L
Schneider, Debbie L
Schoenholz, Elon W
Scofield-Singh, Cathy L
Scott, Susan W
Seaman, Amy L
Sebrell, Lynn W
Severy, Alison L
Shaffer-Griffiths, Chanda L
Shea, Kelly L
Shengold, Nina L
Sheridan, Clare B. L
Shiroma, Julie Ryan L
Short, Alan J. L
Short, Jeff W
Silverman, Riley Jess L
Simon, Gary L
Skinner, Claire W
Slone, Carrie W
Sluszka, Jennifer W
Smith, Dawn L
Smith, Laura B. L
Smith, Jennifer L. L
Smith, Emma L
Smith, Bill L
Smith, Cathryn J. W
Smith, Ashley N. W
Snapp, Jeannine L
Snyder, Elizabeth L
Solliday, Jo W
Solovay, Andrew L
Somerville, Jennifer L
Sonsthagen Burns , Terri W
Sorenson, Greg W
Speers, Theodore L
Spencer, Terra W
Spencer, Teresa W
Sprague Frederiksen , Lucy L
Spykerman, Anna L
Standhope, James F. L
StClair, Faith L
Stephenson, Jesse L
Stevens, Andy M. L
Stewart, Jonathan L
Stickley, Aileen L
Stirrat, Pamela W
Strand, Sandy L
Strand, Tone Helene Othilie L
Sullivan, Jim W
Summer, Esther W
Swan, William J. W
Swift, Jennifer W
T., Raphael – L
T., Mikka R. W
T., Larabee L
T., Meg L
T., Joan L
T., Paula L
T., Jet L
T., Laura W
T., Hadley W
T., Katie W
Tappan, Stacey L
Tappan, Stacey L
Tarabour, Lucy L
Tatrin, M. W
Taylor, Meredith J. L
Taylor, Casey L
Taylor, Jack Emery L
Tepper, Michele W
Thomas, Cathy D. L
Thomas Osgood, Leila W
Thompson, Jeremy W
Tingey, Janet M. L
Tirk, Karyl L
Toler, Amanda L
Trapp, Mike L
Traylor, Stephanie L
Trotter, Mary W
Troty, Natalie W
Turiel, Josh W
U., Amanda L. L
U., Laurie L
U., Jeanne L
U., Bruce W
Uppenbrink, Elizabeth L
V., Denise W
Vader, Michael L
Van Oss, Ilyssa L
Vandermark, Bill L
Vandermark, Teresa L
Vassar, Matt W
Velez, Julie W
Veloz, Megan W
W., Allie M. L
W., Lindsay M. L
W., Lori A. L
W., Lee H. L
W., Kari A. W
W., Erin L
W., Joe L
W., Elizabeth L
W., Lynn L
W., Melissa L
W., Stella L
W., Sarah L
W., Mark W
W., Kelsey L
W., Jacob L
W., Amber W
W., Jeannine L
W., Vincent W
Wacknov, Stacey W
Wagner, Essie L
Wahl, Gretchen L
Wakefield, Robin L
Waldman, Jennifer L
Walsh, Whitney K. L
Walsh, Chrissy L
Walsh, Julie L
Wangmo, Shardröl W
Ward, Robin L
Ward, Terence P. W
Ware, Minda Grace L
Watts, Kelly Lankau W
Webb, Barbara W
Wedge, Julie W
Weintraub, Ross W
Wells, Jeremy J. L
Welsh, Barbara L
Wenk, Sarah W
Wessel Walker, Mary L
White, Carter W
Whitney, Max L
Whitton, Audra W
Willett, Lindsay L
Williams, Damian W
Wills, Carroll W
Wilson, Jennifer W
Winn, Mindy L
Wise, Newton W
Witt, Michelle L
Wolfisch Cole, Terry W
Wong, CW W
Woods, Gretchen L
Woods, John L
X., Hips W
X., Joey L
Xmas, Bootleg L
Yoder, Alex L
Young, Shelle A. L
Z., Chris W
Z., Michael W
Zaleski, Bonnie L
Zee, Dianne L
Zink, Beth L
Zions, Jason D. W

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