Puh-Rum-Pum-Pum-Post-Game Results for 2021

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

“Hell is other people,” a line from existentialist philosopher and playwright Jean-Paul Sartre, is one of the most widely misunderstood quotes in use today, I recently read. Apparently, most take it to mean that other people are terrible to be around, so you shouldn’t be around them when it actually means something else.

I could’ve told you the true meaning of the line. So could anyone in this Thing of Ours. Other people are Hell—and, sadly, “other” includes loved ones, friends, and colleagues—because so many of them are downright gleeful to see courageous LDBCers go down in flames. They point the song out when you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed it playing in the background. They blast it on purpose, not realizing there’s a rule to prevent that very thing. They giggle when you get knocked out, not realizing that they, too, are out—even if they refuse to admit they’re playing. (We’re all playing, kids. It’s like gravity and breathing: not optional.)

H/T Roy Murphy

And those are just the ones who are intentional about their treachery. There are so many others who are truly innocent in their playlists and caroling. In their dangerous TV and movie choices. In their out-of-the-blue humming and whistling.

In short, other people are not Hell. They are doom. Totally different.

And yet.

There are heroes.

Husbands and brothers who text with a warning not to come into the store because they just got taken out, but it’s not too late for you. Wives and sisters who notice the song in the supermarket, and though they themselves went down, hold it together until you’re out in the parking lot, when they ask if you didn’t pick up on it. People like Thom Downing, Grace McIntosh, and Tatiana Orozco, who take the time to curate LDB-free holiday playlists.

Those are the ones to keep in your lives. The helpers. The allies. The kindred spirits. Those who link arms with us to say that there are no weak links. We stand together, and this time the line will hold.

LDB actions figures courtesy Dave Draper

And what must it hold against? I don’t need to tell you. A dozen years in, this most recent running was a game just as difficult as any other. Difficult enough, in fact, that a fellow warrior named Mindy Winn actually lost. (I’m not making that up.) Friends were slain, loved ones taken. But still we stand when all is done, resolute and unbroken.

The ordeal was fun as ever, too. I’m not the only one who thinks so.

“This is such an incredible project. I love Weird Data,” said Milo W., even though he lost. I heartily agree—and especially like the initial caps.

“How long have you been playing?” wrote Janee Aronoff, referring to one of the questions on the much-flogged form. “This is so much a part of me that I wouldn’t even dream of counting the years.”

Thanks, Janee. Seriously. I love that so many people have adopted this and look forward to it. Way back in 2010, the first year, I just wanted to see if I could get it going and, maybe, have something to put on my résumé to show I could do social-media content. Little did I know.

If so inclined, click here to donate.

One of my favorite developments has been our annual support of Americares, and I’m so proud of the LDBCers who’ve been able to give and have seen fit to do so. I didn’t get it together to work with the Americares folks to come up with a custom link this year, so I can’t say for sure how much we raised, but between the three or so donation posts on Facebook, I think we’re knocking on about a thousand bucks. (And I’ll take this opportunity to put in one last call for donations. I’ll also thank those of you to those who’ve already given and those who are about to. If you’re not able to give or would prefer not to, that’s no problem. The game is the game, and the play is the thing.)

Courtesy Tatiana Orozco

And with that, I’ll salute our first fallen for 2021, Erica Kolh, with one last, “For Erica!” and call it a year.

Hang in there, all. Enjoy the stats, graphs, LDBC-elfies, LDBC Wall, etc., below, and please stay safe. Take care of one another, and always try to be kind. That’s what keeps me doing this every holiday season.

Oh, and one more thing…

Puh-rum-pum-pum-pum, people.

The Quick and the Dead

Source: LDBC Analytics, Inc.

Song Sung Blue

Homicidal ArtistPercentage of Victims
TV Episode/Movie17.8%
Bing Crosby10.4%
Bing Crosby and David Bowie9.3%
Live Performance/Encounter7.0%
Harry Simeone Chorale6.4%
Bob Seger6.2%
Recorded Instrumental/Muzak3.9%
For King & Country3.1%
Vince Guaraldi (“My Little Drum”)2.3%
Johnny Cash2.1%
Perry Como1.7%
Vienna Boys Choir1.4%
Friend/Loved One/Colleague1.2%
Josh Groban1.0%
Ray Conniff Singers1.0%
Mannheim Steamroller1.0%
Justin Bieber0.8%
Andy Williams0.8%
Dandy Warhols0.8%
Jackson 50.8%
Carrie Underwood0.8%
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings0.6%
Ray Charles0.6%
Emmylou Harris0.6%
Joan Jett0.6%
Jars of Clay0.6%
Grace Jones (Pee Wee’s Playhouse)0.6%
Dianne Reeves0.4%
The Temptations0.4%
Kenny G0.4%
Roberta Flack0.4%
For King and Country0.4%
Dolly Parton0.4%
Frank Sinatra0.4%
Richard Marx0.4%
Count Basie0.2%
Tennessee Ernie Ford0.2%
Darlene Zschech0.2%
John Fahey0.2%
Lauren Daigle0.2%
LeAnn Rimes0.2%
New Christy Minstrels0.2%
Jimi Hendrix0.2%
Schönerz & Scott0.2%
Henry Mancini0.2%
Matt Nathanson0.2%
Jessica & Ashlee Simpson0.2%
Ben E. King0.2%
Harry Connick Jr.0.2%
Three Tenors0.2%
Jennifer Nettles0.2%
Glen Campbell0.2%
Burl Ives0.2%
Suzanne Santo0.2%
King and Country 0.2%
The Burns Sisters0.2%
John Denver0.2%
Stevie Wonder0.2%
Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Crouch End Festival Choir0.2%
Rick Margitza0.2%
Canadian Brass0.2%
Christopher Lee0.2%
August Burns Red0.2%
Mary J. Blige0.2%
Go Fish0.2%
Earth Wind and Fire0.2%
Leslie Jordan0.2%
Jose Feliciano0.2%
The Bird and the Bee0.2%
Neil Diamond0.2%
Boney M0.2%
Mormon Tabernacle Choir0.2%
Bad Religion0.2%
John Tesh0.2%
Anne Murray0.2%

Here Is Where the Story Ends

Source: LDBC Analytics, Inc.

Comes a Time

Source: LDBC Analytics, Inc.

LDBC-Elfies: Tragedy and Triumph Captured

  • Elizabeth Walbridge
  • Keith Linville
  • Ann Caperton Gillette
  • Joe Hobaica
  • Laura Foran
  • Michelle Head
  • Ross Weintraub
  • Sere Nah Judge
  • Karl Lindner
  • Amie Flexner Ritchie
  • Anita Crotty
  • Janee Minar Aronoff
  • Anna with Ana
  • Chris Cinense
  • Zilpha Frank
  • Julie Levin Schaeffer
  • Chris Howard
  • Nancy Callaway
  • Elizabeth Denehie
  • Karen Reznek
  • Julie Wedge
  • Erica Eynouf
  • James Standhope
  • Amanda Nellie
  • Justin Nalley
  • Jerry Lynde
  • Christopher Houlihan
  • Emily Greene
  • Claudia Ceva
  • Mike Trapp
  • Lyen Djakov
  • Carolie Brekke
  • Stacey Tappan
  • Denyse Hart
  • Kathryn Braine
  • Tina Anderson
  • Sarah Boucher
  • Abby Malvestuto
  • Tracy Rhodes
  • Zoey E. Hobby
  • Elizabeth J. Werner
  • Madelyn Jackson
  • Nancy Nan Nanette
  • Paulette Kidder
  • Benjamin Kunz
  • Joe Essid
  • Scott Ashkenaz
  • Jen Noon Hess
  • Jack Taylor
  • Mister LDBC
  • Kim Drogan Prentice and David Prentice
  • Naomi DeVries Pomerantz
  • Em Emma Emily
  • Stephanie Ellis
  • Sarah Hunter and Josh Turiel
  • Mara Fitter
  • Lynn Sebrell
  • Lori Ploeg Wells
  • Liz Murdock
  • Krista Schnelle
  • Kendra Hughes
  • Karen Austin
  • Julia Hodgson
  • Frances Noon
  • Aileen Stickley
  • Rachel Cleveland
  • Laura Sanger Watkins
  • Kenny Hicks
  • Jillian Harris
  • Jeanette Jamison
  • Brian White

LDBCer Tales from the Trenches

Karen Austin – L

Jean, the yoga instructor, promised a peaceful environment for our Gentle Yoga class at my local YMCA. But, no. She was actually an architect of malice.

Liz B. – L

I hate my family.

Lisa Bee – L

Hawkeye remains the worst Avenger.

Lucretia Brittain – L

“Watch Yellowstone,” they said. “It’s good,” they said. I call bullshit!

Mecca Brown – L

I no longer believe in superheroes.

Patrick D. – L

My asshole neighbors are listening to it at this very moment, and I can hear it through the wall. Usually I can only hear them argue or have sex, but today they’re listening to Bing Crosby.

Fawn F. – W

Every year, people ask me why I play “that stupid game.” And every year, I ask them why they hate fun, joy, and holiday cheer.

Edva K. – W

Once again, my aversion to Christmas cheer and being around other people has led me to victory.

Victoria N. – L

I survived cancer this year but not the goddamn drummer boy!

George Needham – L

The carolers were beautifully dressed and sang the song in perfect harmony. Damn them.

Alyson S. – L

Even my mother said, “Are you sure you don’t want to change the station?”

Jessica Troilo – L

I look forward to this every year. I never win, but it’s my favorite game to lose!

Sarah Wasko – L

My child laughed herself sick.

Molly K. Wilson – L

Come on! I wasn’t even inside! Who broadcasts that shit outside?!

The Victorious and the Vanquished: The LDBC Wall

A., TriciaL
A., KarenL
A., PatL
A., MollyL
A., TriciaL
A., LauraL
A., DawnL
A., MicheleL
A., PamL
A., HeatherL
A., AngelaW
A., TinaW
A., JustinW
A., MarieL
A., KaseyW
A., Meg and DarinL
Abel, DanaL
Adams , Cathy L
Adler, EllynL
Agins, ChuckL
Aho, RebeccaL
Alan, StacyW
Alberti, LawrenceL
Albright, Kristen S.W
Allmer, ChristinaL
Almjeld, SusanL
Altreuter, BillW
Arkless, Mary W
Arnold, JoniL
Aronoff, JaneeW
Artruc, EmilyW
Ashkenaz, ScottW
Aubrey, AlexisW
Augé , Suzanne L
Austin, KarenL
Azadi, CassW
B., AngelaL
B., TomL
B., SandyL
B., ShawnL
B., KellyL
B., Beth A.L
B., SaffaL
B., AnissaL
B., CharlesL
B., JessicaL
B., LandonL
B., MikeL
B., LizL
B., SarahL
B., JeffL
B., AdeleL
B., MargoL
B., Colleen B.L
B., Jessica L
B., MeghanL
B., JonL
B., MaureenW
B., DevinL
B., ChipL
B., GeorgeW
B., TriciaW
B., KendalW
B., M’risL
B., JustinL
B., JW
B., AlanW
B., AnnaL
B., LauraW
B., SteelW
B., MarnieW
B., EllenW
B., Laura W
B., Kelli L.W
B., JuliaW
B., AaronW
B., CruzW
B., AlysonL
B., Heather F.L
B., KristinW
B., MistyL
Babb, Dana L
Babcock , JennaW
Baca, KayleeL
Bagport, Otis H.W
Baker, Elizabeth A.W
Baker, LauraL
Baltes, ScottW
Banks, StacieW
Barber, PaulaL
Barker, Craig D.L
Barker, JenniferW
Barnett, JamieW
Barrett, Kaylynn E.W
Bartholomew, Kim L
Bartholomew, MaxwellL
Batchelor, PatriciaL
Batchelor, RhondaW
Bauer, RenéeW
Beachy, SusanW
Bechtel, HeatherL
Beck, JohnL
Bee, LisaL
Bellevegas , MarieL
Benincasa, RexW
Berk, CaitlinW
Bernal, Victoria L
Berry, DavidW
Biando, BeckyW
BK, LaurenL
Black, AdrienneL
Blackburn, BarakW
Blakeslee, JenniferL
Blanchard, JoanneW
Blessing, CherieL
Bogan, BobbieL
Bonfield, DanL
Boni , PaulL
Booker, Rachel A.L
Borchardt, JenniferL
Bowers, JustinL
Bragiel, CarlW
Braine, KathrynW
Bremer, GrantW
Brittain, Lucretia L.L
Brooks, SteveW
Brown, MeccaL
Brown, LynneL
Brown, MelindaL
Brown, Mary JoW
Browning, HeatherW
Brundage, PatrickL
Bubier, JasonL
Burger, ChadL
Burkart, Melissa L
Burnand, Lisa K.W
Burns, ChrisL
Butcher, ElizabethL
Butkiewicz, ChristineL
Butler, WillL
Butterfield, LauraL
Butterfield , JohnL
C., Mary TheresaL
C., TreyL
C., KitL
C., BeckyL
C., KaraL
C., ShannonL
C., KathrynL
C., JenL
C., ChrisL
C., KatL
C., WalterL
C., NicL
C., EdwardL
C., WendyL
C., ElaineL
C., JasonL
C., ClaudiaW
C., JosephL
C., Nancy W
C., AnnaW
C., SylviaW
C., Melissa W
C., Anita E.W
C., EricaW
C., ToddW
C., KirstenW
Calhoun , Ivan L
Call, Christine M.L
Campbell, CarolynnL
Canan, Kate A.L
Cantwell, Melissa R.L
Carey, ZacharyW
Carltom, TylerL
Carpenter, ThomasL
Carson, JamesL
Carter, TommyL
Carvalho , Lisa M.L
Case, JadeL
Case, RooW
Caston, CaseyW
Cavanagh, BradL
Chaffee, NathanL
Chambers , Joe L
Chamness, Janelle J.L
Chan, EliasL
Chavez , Ermando R.W
Chevassus, BeauL
Christensen, MikeW
Cicero, DonnaL
Cicero, MorganL
Cinense, ChrisW
Ciucci , Lauren W
Clark, NicoleL
Clayton, BetsyW
Clayton Jr. , ClarenceW
Clements, KristiL
Coen, SarahW
Cohen, JayW
Colón, YvetteL
Conroy, HeidiW
Cook, Ronald A.L
Cook, AandaW
Cook, SophiaW
Cope, BenL
Corbett, ConorL
Cornish, Matt W.L
Crane, SusanW
Creamer, DuncanL
Crosby, TylerL
Cummings, DanL
Cummins, Kirsten L.W
Cunningham , Stephanie W
Curtis, TammyL
D., PatrickL
D., JohnL
D., Chandra J.L
D., JoshuaL
D., ChristinaL
D., JustinL
D., MickieL
D., Karen A.L
D., JaeL
D., RickL
D., AnneW
D., OliverW
D., HollyW
D., AliciaW
D., DarlaW
D., KatW
D., Sharona W
D., SeasonW
D., DavidW
D., SharonW
D., DawnL
D., LyenW
D. , CharlotteL
Damon, SteveL
Davis, RonniL
Davis, Tina M.W
Davis, Jesse L.L
Day, Dennis L
Dazzle , HollieL
De Courcy, GabrielleL
De Shazer, Karen L
Dean, Emily L
DeJarnatt, JessicaW
Dellin, Jack L
Denehie, Elizabeth W
Dersch , Maryanne L
Dilkus, Christopher W
Dlugacz, Jordana W
Dobbyn , Francesca L
Dobrinski, RebeccaL
Doc, DrW
Dotta, Andrew J.W
Doucette, RickL
Downing, ThomL
DuBrey , Gladyce L
Dudek, MatL
Dulchinos, DonW
Dunbar, JaniceL
Dunn, Jae L
E-M, JenniferL
E., JaneL
E., TraciL
E., NancyW
Eberle, Mary BethL
Eckert-Chu, CorrinL
Edwards, TanyaL
Egleton, SimonW
Elias, JustineL
Emeigh, MikeL
Ewing, RachelL
Eynouf , Erica W.W
F., SamL
F., WesL
F., MaraL
F., SheilaL
F., LucyL
F., EliaL
F., DougL
F., ChristinaL
F., MollyL
F., Mary BethL
F., AmandaL
F., SebastianL
F., StellaL
F., KaraL
F., FawnW
F., AlyssaL
F., DaniL
F., KaitlynL
F., JillL
F., Ashley L.W
Faustine, SamW
Feeney, JamesL
Feinson, SamL
Fenimore , SuzanneL
Fermenich, JustinW
Finkelstein, Li Z.W
Finkle, NicoleL
Finnell, ErinW
Finnell, David V.L
Fintschenko, PeteW
Fitzgerald, MarkW
Flanagan, DoloresW
Fletcher, Kristin W
Fletcher, BarrettW
Ford, CindyL
Fox, ElizabethL
Frank, Zilpha W
Franklin, BrendaL
Free , StevieL
Freeman, PamelaW
French, DarcieL
Fricke, LaneL
Fried, Mindi P.L
Frye, DarrellL
G-S, FranL
G-S, CariL
G., Rev DaiganL
G., PhilL
G., KayeL
G., MeganL
G., AmandaL
G., TheresaL
G., TovaL
G., LilaL
G., Valerie L
G., SarahL
G., Claudia L
G., CapertonL
G., Lara W
G., PatW
G., Cristina W
G., LeahW
G., RachelW
G., Kaye L
G., HeatherW
G. , Andrew L
Gable, CathleenL
Gainer, Renee L
Gallagher, George P.L
Gang, EvilL
George, CindyL
George, CindyL
Getschow , Carolyn L
Giangrande, TinaL
Gill, KatieL
Gill, LizL
Girod, CatherineL
Gironella , Ninette L
Glaser, AliciaL
Glidden , MichaelW
Goldfarb, DavidL
Goodman, NateW
Gorrie, Wendy L
Gough, Laura J.W
Gray, IrisW
Green, KaraW
Greene, EmilyW
Grieve, KellyW
Griffin, John J.L
Guyor, RonL
H., EricL
H., ErinL
H., Brandon L
H., JuliaL
H., JillL
H., RaeannL
H., AnneL
H., Renée T.L
H., ElisabethL
H., LaFawneL
H., KayleeL
H., BeckyL
H., JeneeL
H., SandyL
H., Allyson L
H., NikoL
H., Joyce D.L
H., MandyL
H., TylerL
H., Cindy L
H., CateL
H., StephanieW
H., Dawn H.W
H., SherryW
H., NikkiW
H., JamesW
H., MichaelW
H., BrandyL
H., RosieW
H., JeffL
H., RichardW
H., KristiL
H., LauraW
Hall, LarryW
Hamilton , ReidL
Hammesfahr, AustinW
Hansberry, LynnL
Hanson, AprilL
Hardie, MeganL
Hargraves, DonaldL
Harkins, Barbara BuecheW
Harms, EricW
Harris, Kim OlsonL
Harris, NancyL
Harshbarger , ShandiW
Hart, Denyse L.W
Harter, TristanL
Hatch, RollieL
Hatcher, Cody C.W
Hauser, JimL
Haverty, JacquelineW
Hawley, RobL
Hawn, NicholasL
Hay, AshleyL
Hayman, Lesley L
Hayman, DanW
Haynak , Denyse L
Hazzard, HapW
HB, JanineL
Heck, EmilyW
Hendrickson, KathyL
Henson, Karen W
Herman, IvanL
Hess, JenW
Highsmith, CameronW
Hight, BrianL
Hill, Michael/MikiL
Hill, ReneeW
Hindman, Joyce DudleyL
Hobby, ZoeW
Holmes , Stephanie L
Horiuchi, LynneL
Hornyak, JeffW
Houlihan, ChristopherW
Hubbell, SunniL
Hubbell, William W
Hubbell, Olivia W
Huber, JoannaL
Hudspeth, AnnW
Hughes, KendraL
Hugo, Heather J.W
Hugo, BrendanW
Hunewell, ChristineL
Huston, SteveW
Hutton, SherylW
I., PeterL
I., GilW
I., ElizabethW
Ingram, JackieL
Isaacson, LynnL
J., KathyL
J., ChristiL
J., Sere-nahW
J., PeggyW
J., Kara W
J., Tracy W
Jackson, JonL
Jackson, SharonW
Jackson, MadelynW
Jacobs, HankL
Jacobs, BrittanyL
Jacobs, RachelW
Jacobson, MeredithW
Jamieson, Bruce D.W
Jamison, JeanetteL
Janof, TimL
Jarek, AnneW
Jarvis, SteveL
Jenkins, Lizzie M.L
Johnson, Philip W.L
Johnson, KirstenL
Jones, BarbL
Jones, AprilL
Joseph , Jeff J.L
K., EdL
K., JustinL
K., Dan L
K., MelissaL
K., NateL
K., EmilyL
K., Alicia L
K., KeturahL
K., KeriL
K., Kevin W
K., Sarah L
K., NovemberW
K., AnneW
K., BenjaminW
K., TinaW
K., CamillaW
K., DesireeW
K., EdvaW
Kamstra , KatL
Kashuba , KenL
Kay, Mereille W
Kearney, ThomasL
Keaskowski , Savannah S.L
Kei, Jeff D.W
Kelly, JennyW
Kennedy, MattieL
Kestle, HelenL
Kidder , Paulette W
Kief, KristenW
Kiger, Paula E.L
King, JudyW
Kitrel, Elizabeth L
Kliebenstein, KristaW
Kline, SueAnnW
Knauerhase, RobinL
Kneeland, MishellL
Knight, AndyL
Knop, JoshW
Kocik, EmilyL
Kolh, EricaL
Kopacka, TrinaL
Kopcial, DonL
Kraiger, MichaelL
Kramer, SarahW
Kreisel , Alan M.W
Kunz, NicoleL
L-C, LorienL
L-M, OliverL
L., Stacy K.L
L., Diana L.L
L., BrigidL
L., LaurenL
L., SophiaL
L., CaraL
L., LetitiaL
L., ValerieL
L., HannahL
L., Krista L
L., JasonW
L., CarmenW
L., BayW
L., KateW
L., BryannaW
L., Jennifer W
L., Jim A.W
L., KaitlinW
Lacey , VinL
Lane, KeithL
Lane, JustinW
Langill, Christine A.W
Lank, MaddyW
Larkin, NancyW
Larsen, LauraL
Laughlin, RobertL
Law, Polly M.W
Lawson, JenW
Leake, Brenton T.W
Lebowsky, BethL
LeClair, JoeL
Lee, AmandaL
Leigh, StephenW
Lemieux, LisaL
Lerner, MarkW
Leveridge, BrettL
Levitan, StacyW
Lindsey , AmandaL
Linville, KeithL
Littau , JeremyL
Llewellyn, AineL
Loe, CurryL
Loechner, KevinL
Loeffler, CarolynL
Long, AliL
Loveland, SheilaL
Lowe, CaitlinL
Lundberg, CarolL
Lutz, ErickaL
Lyle, SteveW
Lynette, RachaelW
M., BarbL
M., MaggieL
M., KevL
M., JohannaL
M., ShelliL
M., BonnieL
M., LizzL
M., MichaelL
M., KarissaL
M., NancyL
M., StacyL
M., PegW
M., SarahW
M., JarrodW
M., TeenuhW
M., AbbyW
M., LizW
M., JillL
M., W S.L
M., ShannonL
M., JessW
M., MiaW
M., JenW
M., HollyW
M., MelindaW
M., JenyW
M., SherryW
M., LorenW
M. , Cassie L
Madesclairr, MarineW
Mahon, Emma G.L
Mallon, KelleyL
Manguchei, Kendyce L.L
Mansfield, LilyL
Manson, TychoW
Mapes, BridgetL
Marchitto, JenL
Marracco, MuffyW
Marshall, KarynL
Marshall , Laura W
Martin, Ann G.L
Martinez, CandiL
Martinson, LindaL
Massey, MistyW
Mc, StephanieL
Mc, ArtL
Mc, Chris MacL
Mc, TrishW
McCabe, HeatherW
McCain, RossL
McCall, ErinL
McDonald, StefL
McElligott, KevinW
McFadden, JohnL
McLary, DavidL
McNeely, KarenL
McPeters, ManonL
Med, DebW
Medina, JenniferW
Medina, TrishL
Mehrtens, AmandaW
Melton, HollyL
Merckel, BobW
Mewha, DarrenL
MG, Killashandra L
Micha, Alyssa M.W
Miera, TomL
Mignone, Bernadette T.W
Miller, Leslie L
Miller, RussW
Milne, ErinL
Milne, AllyW
Mirenda, KristenL
Moe, Erin E.W
Moffett, CarhiW
Montelongo, Roxanne M.L
Moore, ErinL
Morayati, KatherineL
Morentin, LouL
Morrison, CathyL
Murdock, LizL
Murphy, Eric L
Murphy, RoyW
Murphy, HeatherW
Murphy , LillianL
Murray, Lisa M.L
Musson, Michael L
Myers, CarolL
Myers, JessieW
Myers – Bagent , Stacey E.L
N., FrancisL
N., VictoriaL
N., Amy R.L
N., Ron C.L
N., ClaireL
N., AmbroseL
N., Angie L
N., SummerL
N., Erin L
N., JustinW
N., Alexandra W
N., AmandaW
N., StephanieL
N., CatherineW
Naftzger, RayW
Nassivera , JennL
Nathan, DonL
Navions, PetraL
Needham, GeorgeL
Nelson, PaulaW
Newman, StephanieL
Nickels, BrendenL
Nixon, Jen L.W
Noaker, Cierra L
Noel, MorganL
Nolan, MikeW
Nordstrom, ElizabethW
Nordstrom, RonL
Norton, JoannaL
November , Sharyn W
Nuri, BryanL
O-K, AngeliqueL
O., RobertL
O., JulianL
O., JL
O., SandiW
O., RachelW
O., StephanieW
O’Neill, JudyL
O’Phelan , Betsy W
O’Hagan , Mickey L
Oliver, JoeyW
Olivero, TaraL
Olson, KaraL
Olson, KathyL
Orozco, Tatiana W
Osmus, Kristen D.W
P., JamiL
P., EmilyL
P., SusanL
P., BillL
P., MikeL
P., EllenL
P., IritL
P., Lukas W.L
P., NicoleL
P., LaurenW
P., EstherW
Peck, EvelynW
Pegg, JessieW
Pellissier, DeniseW
Perry, ShawneeL
Person, BarrtyL
Peters, MikeL
PG, AlexisW
Phaiah , Caitlin A.L
Pierson, MelissaW
Piper, JohnL
Plaisted, SusieW
Polk, DavidL
Polk, MichelleL
Pomerantz , Naomi D.L
Porter, KeenanL
Porter, Brett G.W
Povah, Krissi W
Powers, GenieW
Prentice, KimL
Privett, GabyW
Pryor , JoanneW
Purvis, SKW
Q., JenW
Quimby, LisaL
R., RickL
R., KhajhaL
R., KaylaL
R., DavidL
R., ErikaL
R., ClaraL
R., Michaela M.L
R., CedeeW
R., PeteW
R., GwenW
R., ChrisW
R., AmieW
R., MorganW
R., HipsL
R., KimL
R., TimW
Raas-Bergquist , Allanah R.L
Radding, ReubenW
Ragan, GregL
Randle, NadineW
Raskolnikov, MashaL
Ray, SheriL
Rea, LauraL
Reed, TammeyL
Rees, LynneL
Reid, Mary E.L
Reiss, RandyW
Reno, Susan A.L
Renzulli , Linda F.W
Reynolds, Amanda L.L
Reznek, KarenW
Reznek, AbigailW
Rhodes, Tracy L.W
Rice, MaddieW
Rich, ShaKeiraL
Richter, MarcL
Ridenour, Gregory P.W
Roaenbaum, SarahL
Robinson, PhyllisW
Robinson, ChelleW
Rollans, ScottW
Romanyshyn , Leslie L
Rosewall, EllenW
Roth, Amy L
Rowland, Andrew J.W
Ruggiero, Megan M.W
Rutford, SueL
Rutledge , Shannon L
Ryan, Kipp L
S ., Jen W
S., Lee AnnL
S., EmilyL
S., Carol AnnL
S., AlysonL
S., KristaL
S., JesseL
S., Jennifer L
S., Mary-Margaret L
S., ChrisL
S., DinaL
S., CathyL
S., MikeL
S., DenineL
S., JennyL
S., DannyL
S., JohnL
S., GingerL
S., ElwoodL
S., ChristineL
S., JenniferL
S., KathyL
S., SandyL
S., FloraL
S., JackL
S., CaseyW
S., HunterW
S., MattW
S., Tristan M.W
S., MattL
S., JulieW
S., LacroixW
S., RileyW
S., SarahW
S., Ethan W
S., ErinL
S., Faith W
S., TracyW
S., BethL
S., DawnW
S., CallieW
S., MaryL
S., DrewW
S., LindaL
S., AliceL
S. , CandaceW
Sacchetti, ValerieL
Sailors, KennethW
Salas, LaurenL
Salvador, PhilL
Sampson, MegW
Samuelson, MichaelW
Sanderson, KariL
Sandusky Ferrier, SarahL
Schmidt, James PatrickL
Schneider , Deborah W
Schwartz , SusanL
Scott, ChrisL
Scott , Susan L
Scott-Wilson, Patrick W.L
Sebrell, CherylL
Segall, MargaretL
Sewell, FrancescaL
Shaked , AlexW
Shea , KellyW
Shengold, NinaL
Short, JeffW
Sigman, LauraL
Simon, GaryL
Singer, BradW
Skinner, ClaireW
Skyles, TriciaL
Sluszka, JenniferL
Sly, LoriL
Smiley, BernL
Smith, Steven M.L
Smith, DanL
Smith, JennyL
Smith, DawnL
Smith, MaggieL
Smith, BillL
Smith, Emma L
Smith, AshleyW
Smith, LisaW
Smith, CathrynW
Smith , Susan S.L
Snapp, JeannineL
Snook, KaariL
Sofia , Shannon M.W
Solliday, JoL
Solovay, Andrew M.L
Sorenson, GregL
Sorsanen, RepeL
Sparks, NicoleL
Spencer, TerieW
Spendelow, HowardL
Squirrel, SesameL
Standhope, JamesW
Steinhauer, ArtL
Stern, LexiW
Stevens, AndyL
Stewart, Rebekah L
Stickley, AileenL
Stone , David W
Strand, SandyL
Stromgren, RebeccaL
Sullivan, JimW
Sullivan, BeckyW
Swan, WilliamW
T., Natalie L
T., Debbie JoL
T., LarabeeL
T., PaulaL
T., Eric T.L
T., JeremyW
T., JaninaL
T., Eliza D.W
T., Laura W
T., NatalieL
T. , JaleighaW
Talley, JenW
Tappan, StaceyW
Tatrin, MW
Taylor, JackL
Taylor, HadleyW
Terry, AmandaL
Tetreault , BrianL
Thomas, JoanL
Totzke, Kristine M.L
Townsend, Jet E.L
Train, BrainL
Trapp, MikeW
Traylor, StephanieW
Troilo, JessicaL
Tsuchiyama, DonW
Turiel, JoshL
Twombly, JaneL
U., AmandaW
V., JimL
V., LauraL
V., AngelaW
V., MattL
V., Denise W
Vader, Michael W
Van Oss, IlyssaW
Vandermark, BillL
Velez, JulieW
Visser, StuartW
W., ErinL
W., KelseyL
W., Vincent L
W., JudeL
W., AldoL
W., HaroldL
W., Sarah L
W., LizzyL
W., ChrissyL
W., LeeL
W., MiloL
W., MaxL
W., JoannaL
W., KimL
W., HelenL
W., JeanW
W., Sharon W
W., LindsayL
W., GeneralLeeL
W., LynnL
W., AnneW
W., AllieW
W., JoeW
W., TimothyW
W., Elizabeth W
W., JacobW
W., SaraW
W., JaneyW
W.W., MaryL
Wacknov, StaceyW
Wahl, GretchenL
Wakefield, RobinL
Walden, StevenL
Waldman , Jennifer L
Walk, Crystal R.L
Walker, ChristyL
Walker, Donna WesselW
Walsh, KayleighL
Walsh, JulieL
Wangmo, ShardrölW
Ward, J RobinL
Ward, TerenceL
Ward , Rowan L
Wasko, SaraL
Watkins, Laura L
Watts, KellyW
Weaver, Davina L
Webb, Alan W.W
Wedge, JulieW
Weintraub, RossW
Wells, Lori A.L
Wells, Jeremy J.L
Welsh, BarbaraL
Whitehead, DenaW
Whitton, AudraL
Wiedemann, HeidiW
Willett, LindsayL
Williams, AdamL
Williams, DamianW
Wills, CarrollL
Wilson, Molly K.L
Wilson, JenniferW
Winn, MindyL
Wino, Upper LeftL
Winter, Cindy L
Winter, StacyL
Wise, GinnieL
Wishengrad , PaulL
Witt, Michelle L
Wolfgang , TracyL
Wolfisch Cole, TerryW
Wood, ErinL
Woodruff, KatieL
Woods, JohnL
Woods, GretchenL
WR, LaurieL
Wren, EllenL
X., Joey Mother Fuckin’L
Xmas, BootlegL
Y., LiaL
Yount, TyL
Z., NicoleL
Zaleski, BonnieL
Zions, Jason D.W
Zoccola, DianneL

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