Puh-Rum-Pum-Pum-Post-Game Results for 2022

The pivotal question from WarGames

It started with the question above 13 years ago: shall we play a game? And I decided we shall. I just had no idea what it would eventually become.

Feliz blobby blah.

Mind you, I didn’t make the game up. That was the LDB Game folks. But when Mrs. LDBC and I were living in San Francisco, a friend told us about a guy he knew who had a group of people playing a game where you had to avoid hearing the tune during the holidays. That was it.

After we moved to Chicago, my better half came home from grabbing a burrito, complaining that it was not even Veterans Day, and she’d already lost that “Little Drummer Boy” game. So I decided to see if anyone was doing it online. Aside from a page listing the rules and a couple of Facebook groups I found at the time, there wasn’t a lot. So I created a Facebook page. Then this blog.

Some friends of mine joined in. And some of their friends. I lucked into some press coverage, and after that, the growth was slow but steady.

Now it’s been 13 times that we’ve taken on The Boy. A decade plus three. And it only started to dawn on me what that means when someone said that her kids grew up playing it. It further hit home when my best friend from childhood mentioned that he and his family have been playing for years, and that one of his daughters, now 21, started when she was 10. So it’s a tradition for her. And for many others.

Didn’t see that coming.

Nor did I think we’d top 6,000 followers on Facebook. Or that more than 1,000 of them would fill out the reporting form I’m always bugging you guys about. (I only nag because it makes the numbers-gathering much, much easier—and it still takes hours to put all the charts and graphs together.)

This Thing of Ours is actually important to people. I was recently touched when LDBCer Sheryl Nelsen Hutton left this comment on a post: “The holidays are difficult for me for many reasons. The Boy—if you can believe it—keeps me sane. And gets me through. And gives me a community when I need it most.”

Every year, LDBCers post more and more LDBC-elfies, of both the losing and winning varieties. They contribute tales of woe and of victory. They make sure to warn each other of new appearances in movies and on TV.

This thing matters to folks.

That said, I want to caution people not to let it matter too much. This year, we coined the terms “preppers” and “pantsers”—the former for those who prepare their environments and outings to be as safe as possible and the latter for those who just roll the dice and hit the road. Both groups are impressive for their love of planning and their trust in luck.

But when an increasing number of people tell me they’re glad when they get knocked out because the stress is over—and even Psychology Today has weighed in on the matter—I just want to remind everyone that this game ultimately rests on a foundation of stupidity. It’s a goof. And there’s a difference between feeding your competitive spirit and making the holiday season suck for yourself out of Boy fear.

Winning is fun. But there’s no prize aside from bragging rights. And losing isn’t always so terrible because at least you get to show your agony in an Elfie and relate the details of your downfall.

If so inclined, click here to donate.

So that’s my spiel, people. Please remember we’re supposed to be having fun. If you love the holidays, then this is something extra. If you struggle through them, it’s a welcome distraction.

But it’s ultimately meaningless. As silly as I can make it. Because that’s what I do, and those who worship at the altar of oddities are my tribe.

Enjoy it, please. It’s dumb. Enjoy it because it’s dumb. And as long as I’m around, the man or woman who appreciates the dumb shall never go hungry.

That said, of course, no mercy for The Boy.


Because, fuck that kid.

Oh, and before I forget, here’s one more plug for Americares, which continues to do great work in the world. As always, no pressure to donate. But should you wish to, and if you’ve got a little extra to put toward a good cause, you could do a lot worse.

Please click the “Continue” link below to see the stats, player results, LDBC-elfies, and whatnot, and I’ll leave you with that. Along with a final, “For Peter!”

Stay warm. Stay safe. Treat each other right, and have a great spring, summer, and fall.

And lest we forget…

Puh-rum-pum-pum-pum, people.

The Quick and the Dead

Source: LDBC Analytics, Inc.

Song Sung Blue

Bing Crosby and David Bowie12.2%
Bing Crosby10.3%
TV Episode/Movie8.5%
Live Performance/Encounter7.7%
Recorded Instrumental/Muzak7.2%
Harry Simeone Chorale6.4%
Bob Seger3.1%
Vince Guaraldi (“My Little Drum”)2.5%
Friend/Loved One/Colleague2.3%
Andy Williams1.9%
Ray Conniff Singers1.9%
Joan Jett1.9%
For King & Country1.9%
Justin Bieber1.5%
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings1.4%
Vienna Boys Choir1.2%
Perry Como1.0%
Anne Murray1.0%
Jessica & Ashlee Simpson1.0%
Frank Sinatra1.0%
Josh Groban1.0%
Carrie Underwood0.8%
Mannheim Steamroller0.8%
Salsoul Orchestra0.8%
Mormon Tabernacle Choir0.8%
Al Martino0.8%
Destiny’s Child0.6%
Harry Connick Jr.0.6%
Neil Diamond0.4%
Michael Buble0.4%
Bad Religion0.4%
Iggy Pop0.4%
Alicia Keyes (“Little Drummer Girl”)0.4%
Sufjan Stevens0.4%
Glen Campbell0.4%
Johnny Cash0.4%
Pink Martini0.4%
The Temptations0.4%
The Supremes0.4%
Jackson 50.4%
Lindsey Stirling0.4%
Leslie Odom Jr.0.4%
Jimi Hendrix0.4%
Kenny G0.2%
Christopher Lee0.2%
Wayne Newton0.2%
Jennifer Nettles (with Idina Menzel)0.2%
Leslie Jordan0.2%
Jars of Clay0.2%
Ashlee and Jessica Simpson 0.2%
Matt Nathanson0.2%
Leslie Jordan and Cheyenne Jackson0.2%
Mary J. Blige0.2%
Charlotte Church0.2%
Beverly Sisters0.2%
Mary J Blige0.2%
The Lettermen0.2%
Mariah Carey0.2%
Will Ferrell and John C Riley0.2%
Hank Hill0.2%
Dandy Warhols0.2%
Haley Westenra 0.2%
Christine Anu 0.2%
The Tenors0.2%
Celtic Woman0.2%
Peter Breiner0.2%
Burl Ives 0.2%
Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons0.2%
Bob Dylan0.2%
Stevie Wonder0.2%
Richard Marx0.2%
Tonic Sol-Fa 0.2%
Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops0.2%
Faith Hill0.2%
Michael Bolton0.2%
Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel0.2%
Jim Nabors0.2%
Dolly Parton0.2%
Susan Boyle0.2%
Dianne Reeves0.2%
Rubber Band (“Little Rubber Boy”)0.1%
The King’s Singers0.1%

Here Is Where the Story Ends

Place of Demise Pie Chart
Source: LDBC Analytics, Inc.

Comes a Time

Source: LDBC Analytics, Inc.

LDBC-Elfies: Tragedy and Triumph Captured

  • Keely Sanderson
  • Warren Jackson
  • Trish McIntosh
  • Tina Kohn
  • Tina Davis
  • Terie G Spencer
  • Susan Gartman Almjeld
  • Susan Campbell Beachy
  • Steve Lyle
  • Russell Miller
  • Rudi Prusa
  • Ron Cook
  • Ray Naftzger
  • Rachel Potter
  • Nicole Dee
  • Misty Massey
  • Michael Samuelson
  • Megan Mornacki
  • Mary Reid
  • Margie Edmonds
  • Mara Fitter
  • Loren Swissmischief Mochari
  • Lauren Russo Ciucci
  • Laura Scandura Rea
  • Laura Gough
  • Kim Douglas
  • Kenneth M Sailors
  • Justin Amrhein
  • Julie Denny Walsh
  • Josh Turiel
  • Jon Gardner
  • Jen Gripman
  • Jade Case
  • J. Robin Ward
  • Ivan Calhoun
  • Gretchen Frick Woods
  • Emily Heck
  • Elizabeth Denehie
  • Edva Kashi
  • Dave Draper
  • Dana Babb
  • Christopher Houlihan
  • Christine Chase Sacchi
  • Catrinka Baker
  • Carroll Wills
  • Barbara Bueche Harkins
  • Amanda Boyd
  • Adam Kelly
  • Mr. LDBC (Michael Peck)
  • Aileen Stickley, Mike Melton, Rhedde Bachs
  • Chad Burger
  • Holly Duthie
  • Marine M.
  • Karl L.
  • Lynn Sebrell
  • Muffy Marracco
  • Larry Hall
  • Zilpha Frank
  • Stacey Tappan
  • David A. Goldfarb
  • Rick Damigella
  • Mike Melton
  • Elizabeth Fox
  • Linda Renzulli
  • Joanne Carey Blanchard
  • Rhedde Bachs
  • Tracy Rhodes
  • Amanda Samuel
  • Kristin Fletcher
  • Robyn R. Huizinga
  • Lindsay Willett
  • Lynn Isaacson
  • Kim W.
  • Cathy Hancharik Wright
  • Casey Riley
  • Reid Hamilton
  • Mallory Mueller
  • Betsy O'Phelan
  • Donald Peter Dulchinos
  • Molly Anderson
  • Emily Harris
  • Tony Vant Leven
  • Jeanette Jamison
  • Heather Mayhugh
  • Aileen Stickley
  • Lori Gibson Lee
  • Justin Lane
  • Nikki Hedrick
  • Juniper J Jehoshephat
  • Molly Lenore Fischer
  • Laura Michelle Butterfield
  • Sarah Bannister
  • Joey Tracy
  • Karen Leimback
  • Shannon Hall
  • Laura Larsen
  • Chris Frazier Robinson
  • Shana Tognazzini
  • Zach Bowyer
  • Rosie Hauck
  • Dillon Hawkins
  • Brittany Jacobs
  • Mecca Palfrey
  • Anne Jarek
  • Andrew Solovay
  • Kim Drogan Prentice
  • Kristi Cavanaugh
  • Vanessa Dawn Jenks
  • Jane Erwin
  • SD Wangmo
  • Pete Isaacson
  • Audrey Arby
  • Dorian Selbo
  • Nancy Mello
  • Jennifer Sarah Blakeslee
  • Kristen Mirenda
  • Bill Merk
  • Jim Ingram
  • Katherine Eppich
  • Kendra Hughes
  • Holly Melton
  • Erin Hatfield
  • Chris C.
  • Karen Austin
  • Anne Sussman
  • Lynne Rossi Horiuchi
  • Mike Trapp
  • Susan S. Smith
  • Iris Gray
  • Laura Taylor
  • Samantha Diamond
  • Simon Dibley
  • Carolyn Loeffler
  • Dorothy Alger
  • Caitlin Phaiah
  • Rebecca Renfro
  • Andrew P. Donnelly
  • Ellen Bloom
  • Noel Tang
  • Justin Kelly
  • Kim Bassett

LDBCer Tales from the Trenches

Molly Fischer – L

I was taken out at the magical Norske Nook in Osseo, Wisconsin, while eating the most delightful piece of raspberry sour cream pie.

Emily Artruc – L

I didn’t expect to lose the game at a drag show.

Katie Glenn – L

Beware the Frothy Monkey in Birmingham, Alabama!

Carol Ann Shook – L

I do not, do not like that song. I do not like it with King Kong. I do not like it in a bong. I do not like it; it’s too long.

I do not like it sung in Hmong. I do not like it with a gong. I do not like it; it’s just wrong. I do not like it, you ding dong!

Leslie Wrenn – L

I live in Ireland where The Boy is not as widely known. I was listening to an hour long radio show on the national broadcaster (The Ryan Tubridy Show on RTÉ Radio 1), which only ever includes maybe two or three songs. At 9:29 I heard the unmistakeable sounds of Bing and Bowie’s version. I immediately texted the presenter. He laughed and read my text, but mocked me, as he had no idea of the sinister nature of The Boy. I sent the website explanation, and he read out some info about the history of The Boy and what the LDBC is. He even said that he’d like to try the challenge himself next year. If any good can come of my sacrifice, it will be that more people in Ireland will be wary and know the dangers of The Boy. Be ever vigilant, Ireland, and hopefully I will not have perished in vain.

Grace McIntosh – L

I lost standing next to the edible bugs section across from produce.

Jason C. – W

Pretty thing, isn’t it?

Jeny Mahon – W*

My husband was watching never-ending episodes of The Office, and godfekkingdammit, they showed the one where that blonde chick was singing LDB! I lasted until Christmas Eve, FFS, and went to two—count them—two drug stores today, and I did not hear it. JFC. I have video and a selfie where I pointed at the one who is responsible for bringing LDB into our home on ~@@#$%#%&^ Christmas !#@$#%$#^ Eve. OMG.

Happy Holidays 🙂

*Editor’s Note: After eagled-eyed LDBCer Terence Ward pointed out that making it to Christmas Eve means Jeny didn’t actually lose, she was retroactively awarded a win. Congrats, Jeny!

Terie Spencer – W

The more you risk death, the sweeter is life.

Jen Hess – W

Win or lose, this game adds a stupid amount of fun (and a thrilling bit of risk) to my holiday season. Thank you so much!

Ferna Hall – W

We love this challenge! So glad to have won again this year! Our young son has probably never even heard the song and likely thinks it’s cursed.

Audra Whitton – L

We talked about this, Harry. Infants don’t need drum solos.

The Victorious and the Vanquished: The LDBC Wall

A., AndrewL
A., AtisL
A., C. TrumanL
A., Dorothy L
A., Elizabeth L
A., Jacqueline L
A., JohnL
A., Joni W
A., JustinW
A., KarenL
A., KaseyW
A., KateL
A., KristinL
A., LindaL
A., Pat W
A., RachelL
Abel, DanaL
Abraham, Dawn C.L
Achauer, AllisonL
Adair, DavidL
Adams , CathyL
Adler, EllynW
Ahern, Sylvia K.L
Alan, StacyL
Allmer, ChristinaL
Almjeld, Susan GartmanW
Altreuter, BillL
Anderson , JBL
Anderson, SueL
Andrew, BaileyL
Anthony, KathyL
Antonell, Cassandra L
Arkenberg, Rebecca J.L
Arkless, MaryW
Armbruster , TomL
Artruc, EmilyL
Ashkenaz, ScottW
Atwater, Lorna BethW
Austin, Karen D. L
Avallone, JohnL
Axa, PennyL
B., NinaL
B., AinsleyW
B., AlanW
B., Anissa L
B., AnnaL
B., BeeL
B., Beth A.L
B., Cheyenne S.W
B., ChipL
B., ChristieL
B., Colleen R.L
B., DawnL
B., DouglasL
B., EllenL
B., EmmaW
B., GlennL
B., Gloria L
B., HeatherL
B., JennaW
B., JenniferW
B., JenniferW
B., JessicaL
B., JonL
B., Kaitlyn L
B., KelliL
B., Kelly W
B., KirbyL
B., Kirsten L
B., KrisW
B., LandonW
B., Laura L
B., Laura L
B., LauraW
B., LindaW
B., MaggieL
B., MargoL
B., MarkL
B., MarkL
B., MaureenW
B., MaxL
B., MeghanL
B., MichelleL
B., PaulL
B., PaulaL
B., Petra B.W
B., RavenW
B., RebeccaW
B., RonW
B., SamanthaL
B., SammiW
B., SandyL
B., SooshL
B., Stacie W
B., SteelW
B., Summer L
B., TedL
B., TomL
B., ToryL
B., ValentinaW
Babb, DanaW
Babb, JenniferL
Babish , LizL
Bachs, RheddeL
Bailey, Katie JoL
Baker, ElizabethL
Baker, JamieW
Baltes, Scott W
Bannister , Sarah L.L
Barbosa, KatelynnL
Barker, Craig D.L
Barnes, AnnaL
Barnes, Jess L
Barnett, JamieW
Barrett, KaylynnL
Bassett, KimL
Bauer, ReneeW
Beck, JohnL
Bee, SarahL
Beitar, SarahW
Ben, JodiW
Berg, TriciaL
Berry-Kagan , LaurenW
Berry, DaivdL
Biando, BeckyL
Bingham, Craig A.L
Blackburn , BarakW
Blakeslee, JenniferL
Blanchard , Joanne L
Booth, Brendon P.L
Borck, ChelseaL
Borland, FrankL
Bowyer, ZachL
Boyd, AmandaW
Bragiel, CarlW
Brass, GwenL
Briggs , Mike D.W
Briggs, ChadW
Brown, LisaL
Brown, LynneL
Brown, MicheleL
Browning, HeatherL
Bubier, JasonW
Burdett, Zan E.W
Bures, DebraW
Burger, ChadL
Burkart, MelissaW
Butkiewicz, ChristineW
C-J, TylerW
C., AlanaL
C., AnitaW
C., Ann S.L
C., AnnaL
C., BeckyL
C., Brooke A.W
C., CareyL
C., CatherineL
C., ChrisL
C., Cindy R.L
C., ClaudiaL
C., Elaine L
C., HannahL
C., IvanL
C., Jason W
C., JayL
C., JayannL
C., JessL
C., JillL
C., John A.L
C., JosephL
C., Karen and MarcL
C., KellyL
C., MargoL
C., MelissaL
C., Monroe C.L
C., NancyW
C., OmarL
C., RonaldL
C., SandyL
C., ThomasL
C., ToddW
Caldwell , Colin D.W
Call, Christine L
Calvin, TristaL
Campbell Beachy , Susan “Loser”L
Campbell, DebL
Campos, LaurieL
Canan, KareL
Carber , Melissa W
Carbonell, Nancy W
Carney, Ann Sursa L
Carpenter , RebeccaL
Carr, Brenda A.L
Carson, JamesL
Carvalho , LisaL
Case, JadeW
Case, RooW
Caset, Rayelenn SparksL
Champaq , Arabella L
Chavez, Ermando R.L
Chermak, MichaelL
Chevassus, BeauL
Chipman, ChrisL
Chojnacki, BarbaraW
Christensen, Mike JonL
Cicero, DonnaL
Cicero, MorganL
Ciucci , Lauren L
Clark, Evelyn SmithL
Clark, NicoleL
Clements, KristiL
CM, JanaL
Coin, Kathryn L
Coleman, DorotheaL
Colón, YvetteL
Cook, AmandaW
Cook, JoanL
Cook, SophiaW
Cooper, SylviaL
Cooper, TabithaL
Corbett, Rebekah L
Corbett, Sharyn E.W
Countryman, Nathaniel LeeL
Crane, SueL
Crawford , MindyW
Creamer, DuncanW
Crocker, BrittanyL
Csajko, Kevin C.L
Cucinelli, MichelleL
Cummings , DanW
Cunningham , Catherine W
Cunningham , Stephanie W
Curro, ChristyW
Curtis, TammyL
Cyr, Nathan W
D. , Andrew P.L
D. , CharlotteL
D., AnneL
D., DanielL
D., DavidW
D., Elizabeth L
D., ErikL
D., Jennifer C.L
D., Joshua W
D., Karen L
D., LyenL
D., MickieL
D., MorganW
D., RebeccaL
D., TaraL
D., TimW
D., TraciL
D., WendyL
Dahlby, CarrieW
Damigella, RickL
Damon, SteveL
Davis, Jesse Lyn BynumL
Davis, Matthew C. W
Davis, RonniL
Davis, SaraL
Davis, TinaW
Dazzle , Hollie L
De Courcy, GabrielleL
De Santis , Solange L
Dembiec, ChristinaL
Denchy, Ruth AnnW
Denkinger , Sarah L
Dersch, Maryanne W
Dibley, SimonL
Diesel, EricL
Dlugacz, JordanaL
Dobbyn, Francesca L
Docherty, Susan A.L
Donahoe, ChandraL
Doran, RichardL
Dost, AndyW
Dotta, AndrewL
Doucette, RickL
Douglas, KimW
Downing, ThomL
Draper, DaveW
Drumgool , Sharon W
Dudek, MaidaL
Dudek, MattL
Duft, Paige SmithW
Dulchinos, DonL
Dunn, JaeL
E-C, CorrinL
E-C, Josh (The Slack)L
E., EllenW
E., JaneL
E., JillL
E., PeteL
E., SaraL
E., ToniL
Eddy, KellyW
Edwards, TanyaW
Elias, JustineL
Elis, Shannon H.W
Ellis, Skyler L
Ellis, Stephanie L
Emeigh, MikeL
Eppich, Katherine L
Erickson, EricW
Essid, Joe L
Ettinger, NikkiL
Everett, Tiffany NiehausL
F., AmandaW
F., ChristianL
F., Christina L
F., DeniseW
F., DougW
F., Elizabeth L
F., FawnW
F., MaraL
F., SamL
F., WillL
Farrell, ThomasW
Fermenich, Justin D.W
Fernandez, JuliaW
Finnell, David V.W
Fintschenko, PeteL
Fischer, MollyL
Fisher, StellaW
Fitzgerald, MarkL
Flanagan, Dolores W
Fletcher , BarrettW
Fletcher , Kristin L
Flinn, WesL
Ford, JoshL
Frank, Lisa (Zilph)L
French , DarcieL
Fri, Roman S.W
Fricke, LaneW
Fried, Hannah E.L
Fried, MindiL
Fritze, HannahL
G., AlisonL
G., AmandaW
G., BhrighaW
G., Carolyn L
G., Claudia L
G., Cristina L
G., CynthiaL
G., DL
G., DanL
G., DeanL
G., DrewL
G., HeatherL
G., HenryL
G., JenW
G., Karen MarieL
G., KatieL
G., LeahL
G., LizL
G., MarkL
G., MelissaL
G., NatW
G., Rachel L
G., RobinW
G., SheriL
G., ValerieL
Gainer, ReneeL
Gallagher, George P.W
Gamin , KevinL
Garrison, RandiL
Geer, LindaW
George, CindyL
Giangrande, TinaL
Gibbons, Tammy A.W
Gironella , NinetteL
Glenn, KatieL
Godwin, Bryan JamesL
Goldfarb, David A.L
Gordon , Jennifer L
Gough, Laura J.W
Gover, GiseleL
Gracey, PatL
Gray, Iris M.L
Green-Fishback, Harrison L
Green, MeganL
Greene, EmilyW
Greer, JohannL
Greiner, Michael L
Grem, Elizabeth W
Grieve, KellyL
Griffin-Whitehead , DenaW
Griffin-Whitehead , DenaW
Guterman, LilaW
H, MaggieW
H., AllysonW
H., AnnL
H., BeccaL
H., BenL
H., BethL
H., BreeL
H., CateL
H., ChrisL
H., Dennis W
H., Dorothy L
H., EricL
H., EricW
H., Erin N.L
H., ErinL
H., HeatherL
H., HeatherW
H., IvanW
H., JackieW
H., JeffL
H., JeffreyL
H., Jennie D.L
H., Jessica L
H., Jonathan W
H., KathyL
H., KayleeL
H., KristiL
H., LauraRose L
H., LesleyL
H., MandyW
H., MiriamW
H., NikkiL
H., RhettL
H., RitaW
H., RosieL
H., SandyW
H., SherryL
H., Stephanie L
H., SteveL
Habashy, ReneeW
Haley, StuW
Hall, FernaW
Hall, LarryL
Hall, ShannonL
Hamilton, ReidL
Hammes, TaraL
Hansberry , LynnL
Hardie, MeganW
Harkins, Barbara W
Harkins, Jeff W
Harris, JohnL
Harrison, AldoL
Hart, Denyse W
Hart, MargaretL
Harter, TristanL
Hartmann, BarbL
Hartwell, MoiraL
Hatch, RollieL
Hatcher, Cody C.W
Hatok, Cindy L
Hawkins, DillonL
Hawley , RobW
Hawn, Matthew W
Hddn, JeffL
Heck, Emily W
Hennessey , Christina W
Henson, Karen W
Hess, EliasW
Hess, JenW
Hickman-Himes, SaraL
Hight, Brian L
Hill, Alex L
Hill, MerynneL
Hill, MikiL
Hill, ReneeL
Hindman, JoyceW
Hinrichs , QuinL
Hobaica, JoeL
Hodgson, JuliaL
Hopkins, GrayL
Hoppenstedt , MadelineL
Horiuchi, LynneL
Houlihan, ChristopherW
Houltham , Stephen L
Howard, Kevin A.L
Hubbell, Olivia W
Hubbell, SunniL
Hubbell, William L
Huelsbeck, Katie L
Hufford, AmyL
Hughes, KendraL
Huizinga , Robyn R.L
Hutton, SherylW
Hyde-Broderick, JanineL
I., LizbethW
I., LynnL
I., PeterL
Ingram, JackieW
Ingram, JimL
Ives, BrianL
J., ChristiL
J., Jennifer W
J., Kathy L.L
J., LiamL
J., SerenaL
J., TimW
J., William SwanL
Jackson , Warren L
Jackson, JonL
Jackson, JonL
Jackson, SharonL
Jacobs, BrittanyL
Jacobs, HenryW
Jacobson , Meredith W
Jalbert, AlisonW
James , Gregory W
Jamieson, Bruce W
Jamison, Jeanette L.L
Jamison, StaceyL
Jaress, JCL
Jenkins, GeorgeL
Jenkins, Lizzie M.L
Jenks, Vanessa DawnL
Johnson, DJL
Johnson, JRL
Johnson, PeggyL
Johnston, MauraL
Jonas , Rebecca L
Jones, AprilW
Jones, Barbara L
Joseph, JeffL
K. , E. W
K. , Sarah B. L
K., Alicia W
K., BrittneyL
K., DarinW
K., DesireeL
K., EdL
K., Helen W
K., JoyceL
K., Kat W
K., KevinW
K., MarleneW
K., MattL
K., MelW
K., NateW
K., Shelby L
K., Vicky W
Kaiser, Charles R.W
Kamensky, MichaelW
Karst, LauraL
Kashuba , KenL
Keaskowski , Savannah S.L
Kelley, SamanthaW
Kelly, JennyW
Kelly, JimL
Kelly, JustinL
Kemp, JimL
Kennedy, MattieL
Kenyon, StefanL
Ker, KarenL
Kessler , KellieW
King, BrendanL
Kittoe , JeffW
Kline, SueAnnW
Knauerhase , RobinL
Knight, AndyW
Kohn, TinaW
Kragick, Dana L.L
Kraiger, MichaelL
Kramer, SarahW
Kranywk, MargaretL
Kunz-Slagle, NicoleL
L-C, LorienW
L., BrigidL
L., CaraL
L., Chris L
L., ChrisW
L., DavidL
L., EthanL
L., JasonW
L., JenaL
L., JerryL
L., KarenL
L., KarlL
L., Krista L
L., LetitiaL
L., MelissaW
L., OmarL
L., SabrinaL
L., Stacy K.L
Lacey, VinW
Lane, JustinL
Lane, KeithL
Langston, Jennifer L
Lank, Maddy M.L
Lariz, AudreyL
Larkin, Nancy L.W
Larsen, Laura PJL
Laughlin , Catherine B.L
LaValley, Kaitlin L
Law, Polly M.L
Lebowsky, BethL
LeClair, JoeW
Lee, AmandaL
Lee, Anna NicoleW
Lee, Lori GibsonL
Lee, Lot L
Lefton, SarahW
Leigh, Shannon W
Leighninger, JimW
Lerner, MarkW
Leslie, DianaL
Leslie, MichaelW
Leveridge, BrettW
Levitan, StacyW
Lieberman, HaroldW
Lindsey, PatrickW
Linville, Brian KeithL
Loechner, KevinL
Loeffler , CarolynL
Loeffler, LaurenL
Long, AliW
Loomer, AnnieL
Love, CarrieL
Loveland, Sheila J.L
Lyle, SteveL
M., Amelia L
M., BarbL
M., Bonnie L
M., BrynL
M., DebraleeL
M., Denise L
M., DJ L
M., DrewL
M., EdenL
M., EricL
M., ErinL
M., HollyL
M., HollyL
M., JaneL
M., JarrodL
M., JenniferL
M., JesseL
M., Jessica W
M., KitL
M., KristinW
M., LilyW
M., Lisa L
M., LizzL
M., Louis R.W
M., Manon L
M., MarineL
M., MelanieL
M., Melissa A.L
M., Michele L
M., MikeL
M., Nancy L
M., NealW
M., RebeccaL
M., SarahL
M., TeenuhW
M., TinaL
M., W. F.W
MacDuffee, CJW
MacKenzie, Douglas B.W
Mahon, Emma Grace L
Mahon, JenyW
Margolis, AJL
Marracco, MuffyL
Marshall, KarynW
Martin , Noland L
Martin, Matthew QuinnW
Martina, TerryL
Martinson, LindaL
Massey, MistyW
Masterson, JimL
Matthews, JenL
Max, JosephW
Mayes, DonaldL
Mayhugh , Heather L. L
Mc, McPegL
Mc, TrishL
McDonald, MashelL
McDonald, StefL
McFadden, John C.L
McIntosh, GraceL
McNiel, PJL
McVay, JackieL
Meacham, KateL
Medina, TrishW
Mehrtens, AmandaL
Meister, EverW
Melzer, KamL
Mercer, Patricia RoseW
Merk , William L
MG, Killashandra L
Micha, AyssaL
Milbrath , PhilipL
Miller, Claire L
Miller, Leslie F.W
Miller, RussW
Minnich, DebraL
Mirenda, KristenL
Mochari, LorenW
Moe, ErinW
Moeller, WadeL
Moffett, Cathi J.L
Moffett, DavidL
Moncrief, MeganL
Montelongo, RoxanneL
Moore, Susan J.L
Morayati, KatherineL
Mornacki, MeganW
Morris, KayL
Morrison , CathyL
Morton, ShannonL
Mueller , MalloryL
Murdock, LizW
Murphy, EllieW
Murphy, Heather W
Musson, Michael W
Myers, JessieW
N., Alex L
N., AngieL
N., CatherineW
N., ElleL
N., EmilyL
N., ErinW
N., JustinL
N., PandaL
N., RonaldL
N., Victoria W
Narkiewicz , KenL
Nassivera , Jennifer L
Nathan, DonW
Needham, GeorgeL
Neises, AmyW
Nellie , AmandaL
Nemec, LisaW
Nickels, BrendenL
Nielsen , Kevin J.L
Noel, MorganW
Nolan, MikeW
Nordstrom, ElizabethW
Nordstrom, RonW
Nuri, Bryan L.L
O., Iris A.L
O., Jacqueline L
O., JeffW
O., JulieL
O., KL
O., Kris D.W
O., Pauline W
O., RachaelW
O., SandiW
O’Phelan, BetsyL
O’Saben, CarolW
O’Shields, BethL
Ochs, Milo O.L
Ols , OllieW
Olschanski, Stephen F.L
Olsen, KateL
Olson , Kara L
OSullivan, JenniferL
Oxide, FerrousW
P., CamrynL
P., CharleneL
P., Cheyenne L
P., Cindy L
P., DanielW
P., DavidL
P., EstherL
P., GenieW
P., HayleaL
P., HollyL
P., J.L
P., Jami W
P., JenL
P., JessieL
P., LindseyL
P., LizaL
P., MikeW
P., NicoleL
P., Ritch L
Palfrey, MeccaL
Pannunzio , Charles W
Passmore, Sean L
Pearson, JeannineL
Perdion, KarenW
Peters, MikeL
Peterson, NancyL
Peterson, NicholasL
Phaiah, Caitlin L
Piper, JohnL
Plaisted, SusieW
Polovich , CatL
Pomerantz , Naomi DeVriesL
Porter, KeenanL
Prentice, KimL
Pretz, Jessica L
Prober, Melissa L
PS, LindseyL
Purvis, ShondaL
Purvis, SKL
Q-M, MelissaL
Q., CarolyW
Quimby, LisaW
R., CedeeL
R., DavidL
R., Jenna L
R., JenniferL
R., Kacie R.L
R., Kayla L
R., KelseyW
R., KhajhaL
R., Mary-Jo L
R., MonicaW
R., PatL
R., PaulL
R., PeteL
R., PhyllisL
R., RebeccaL
R., RickW
R., SamanthaL
R., Susan A.L
R., SusanL
Radding , WendyW
Randle, NadineW
Ray, Sheri G.L
Rayland, KateW
Rea, Laura Scandura W
Rebach, BobW
Reed, Tammey L
Reid, Mary L
Remis, MichaelaL
Renew, LisaL
Renzulli, Linda F.L
Reynolds , AmandaL
Reznek, AbigailW
Reznek, KarenW
Rhodes, TracyL
Rice, Maddie GravesL
Richter, KatrynaL
Riddell, Ian W.L
Riley , Casey L
Riley, Kathleen L
Ritchie , Amie W
RM, Michelle L
Roberts, MaryL
Robinson, ChrisL
Romanyshyn , Leslie L
Rosen, PegL
Roth Smith, DawnL
Roth, Amy W
Rutford , SueL
Rutford, DouglasL
Ryan, KippL
Ryan, MeaddowsL
Ryder, Lane W
Ryer, Kelly W
Rykoff, Amanda L
S., Alice F.W
S., Alttara W
S., AlysonL
S., Andrew M.L
S., AnjaL
S., ArtL
S., BarbL
S., BarbaraL
S., BethL
S., BethW
S., BethhhhhW
S., CarmenL
S., CarolynL
S., CarrieW
S., Chanda L
S., ChrisL
S., Christopher D.W
S., ClareL
S., DannyW
S., DavidW
S., Debbie C.L
S., DiW
S., DorianL
S., EmilyL
S., FloraW
S., Franny W
S., Heather L
S., JeanL
S., JenniferL
S., JennyW
S., JonasW
S., JulieW
S., KeelyL
S., KevinL
S., KirstyL
S., KristaL
S., Laura L
S., LauraL
S., Lee AnnW
S., LibbyL
S., LinoL
S., Liz L
S., LoriL
S., MaryL
S., Melissa Joy L
S., MoW
S., MollyW
S., PaulL
S., PeteL
S., RebeccaL
S., RebeccaW
S., RebekahW
S., RichL
S., SarahW
S., ShawnL
S., ShawnaW
S., SueL
S., TracyW
S., Tristan M.L
Sacchi, Christine W
Sailors, Kenneth M.W
Salvador, PhilL
Sampson, MegW
Samson, PhilL
Samuel , Amanda L
Samuelson, MichaelW
Sandberg , CariW
Sandusky, SarahW
Satre, William P.L
Schaad , Elwood W
Schmidt, James PatrickL
Schneider , Maria L
Schreur , Lynne E.L
Schroeder, Ashley EvelynL
Scott , Susan V.W
Scott-Wilson, PatrickL
Sebrell, LynnL
Sevyn, AudreyL
SG, MachelleL
Shanahan, Ginger M.L
Shea , KellyW
Sherwood , Linda M.L
Shook, Carol Ann L
Short, JeffL
Sigman, LauraL
Silverman, Riley J.L
Sj, KateW
Slade, Amberlina E.L
Sluszka, JenniferL
Smieja , MikeL
Smiley, BernieL
Smith , EmmaL
Smith , Susan S.L
Smith, AmyW
Smith, BillL
Smith, Caleb L
Smith, CathrynL
Smith, DanL
Smith, DougL
Smith, JennyW
Smitheman , MatthewW
Snapp, JeannineL
Solliday, JoL
Sorenson, GregW
Speers, MistyL
Spencer, TerieW
Spencer, TerraL
Spendelow, Howard R.W
Sprague Frederiksen, LucyL
Spunk, FunkyW
Standhope, James F.W
Stebbins, MattW
Steel, MajorL
Stephens, Mike L
Stephens, MikeL
Stephenson, JesseL
Stevens, AndyL
Stickley, AileenL
Stone , David R.L
Sullivan , Jim L
Sullivan, Dawn L
Sussman , AnneL
Swain, TikiL
Swann, RufusW
T., DebW
T., Debbie JoW
T., DonL
T., JenL
T., JoanL
T., JoeyL
T., KoreeW
T., Laura L
T., LindaL
T., MichaelW
T., NatalieL
T., ShanaL
Tappan, StaceyL
Tatrin, M.L
Tayler, JaninaL
Taylor, HadleyW
Terpstra, RickW
Tetreault, BrianL
Thomas , Cathy D.L
Thomas Osgood, LeilaL
Thomas, SarahL
Tognazzini, ShanaL
Trapp, Mike L
Traylor, StephanieL
Troilo, JessicaL
Turiel, JoshL
U., AmandaL
U., BruceL
U., Heidi M.L
Unruh, LaramieL
Utesch , Thomas R.W
V., BaronL
V., Ilyssa L
V., JamelahW
V.L., TonyL
Vader, MichaelL
Vandermark, BillL
Vassar, MattW
Vinton, JeffL
W. , LynneL
W., AaronL
W., AllieW
W., CathyL
W., DamianL
W., EllenL
W., ErinW
W., JenL
W., JenniferL
W., JoeL
W., JudeW
W., JulieL
W., KelseyL
W., KimL
W., KimL
W., Kirsten L
W., LauraL
W., MaxL
W., Melissa L
W., Michelle L
W., MollyW
W., MontyW
W., NathanL
W., Sharon L
W., SophieW
W., Susannah L
W., TracyL
W., VincentW
Wahl, Gretchen W
Wakefield, RobinL
Walden, StevenL
Walker, ErinL
Walker, JodyL
Walsh, Julie K.L
Walsh, KayleighL
Wandel, G BernardW
Wangmo, ShardrölL
Ward, J RobinW
Ward, JamieL
Ward, RowanL
Ward, Terence P.W
Watts, Kelly LankauL
WD, AmandaL
Weaver , Davina L
Wedge, Julie W
Weintraub, RossW
Wells, JeremyW
Wenk, SarahW
Wennstrom, LibbyW
Wesley, CalL
Wessel Walker , Donna W
Wessel Walker, MaryL
Whitton, AudraL
Widman, Becky MorrowW
Willett, LindsayL
Wills, CarrollL
Winter, StacyL
Woods, GretchenW
Woods, JohnW
Woods, LynneL
Woods, MaryW
Wrenn, LeslieL
X., OliverL
Xmas, BootlegL
Y., M.W
Yadav, ToriL
Young, ShelleL
Z., BobL
Z., JennyL
Zaleski, BonnieL
Zee, CookieL
Zions, JasonW

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