We Are the Champions

Sauron's Tower Falling

That moment when evil topples, and you get to stare at its one big, dumb eye as its own loss begins to dawn on it? Yeah.

We did it.

The Boy is vanquished for yet another year, people. Now comes the fun part. Fill out the form (below) with your win. Post victory LDBC-elfies to the Facebook page or tweet them to @LDBChallenge. Smiles, people! Show us some teeth! Or better yet, let us see some Freddie Mercury-level rejoicing.

But let us not forget the fallen we’ve left along the way. For they have been us in past years, and they will be again.

You know the routine, old-timers (and you rookies, pay attention). I’ll nag you a bunch more times over the next week or two to fill out the form so I can do all my wondrous statistifying and post all of the LDBC-elfies along with the Wall of the Fallen in the year-end wrap-up. And then we put this thing to bed.

So rejoice! Fill out the form! And the happiest of Happy Holidays to all!

For Mike!

LDBCer Dispatch: Just Desserts


Ever see that old Night Gallery episode where John-Boy Walton‘s mom asks him to be a sin eater, which means he takes in the sins of the dead person so the departed can go to Heaven? If not, I’ll ruin it for you. His mother tricks him and forces him to eat the sins of his father, who was the village sin eater, which means he’s taking in the accumulated sins of someone who’s already eaten everybody else’s sins. A holiday classic, I tell you.

Anyway, today’s tale is something like that. But I’ll let Rick Damigella take it from here with his LDBCer Dispatch.

I’m writing on behalf of a friend regarding an event I’ve nicknamed the Company Holiday Party Drummassacre and ask that you rule on the actions of a notorious individual we will call DJ Fun Ruiner. A good friend of mine works for a large company. Large enough that different divisions have their own holiday gatherings. Yesterday, their division gathered for a mid-day holiday lunch and party. The very moment the party started, the DJ immediately played a classic instrumental version of “The Little Drummer Boy.” The collective groans and gasps from the revelers indicated a very large number of them were playing The Game. This was absolutely intentional on his part because at this point DJ Fun Ruiner began laughing hysterically. Laughing hysterically at nearly 1,500 people who he thought were just drummed out.

The egregiously evil DJ laughing at the upset players resulted in a large number of the party goers to begin pelting him with cookies. Now, as you can imagine, there were a lot of very distraught people at the Company Holiday Party Drummassacre who believed they were eliminated. Now, while I know the rules, I was hoping you could find it in your heart, to publicly post a ruling on this particular incident, so that I can share it with my friend, who can then let their coworkers know that they are in fact, still very much alive.

John-boy Walton

The dyspeptic John-Boy

Well, those of you already familiar with this year’s new “Hoist with His Own Petard” rule know what comes next. The partygoers are still in the game, but the jerk DJ is himself out due to the jerkiness of his jerky attempt. Even worse, he’s out 1,500 times over—once for each attendee. Which means his face probably looks much like John-Boy’s did at the end of the episode. [Editor’s note: John-Boy is no relation to The Boy.]

I’ve helpfully included an image for those of you who never saw that Rod Serling classic. It ain’t pretty. But it helps if you can imagine cookies launched by angry attendees bouncing off it.

Anyway, we’ve reached day 22 of this thing of ours, and we’re approaching nearly 600 victims of The Boy who’ve reported in via the form. Those who’ve turned in LDBC-elfies since our last report are featured in the gallery below.

We nearing the home stretch, people. Let’s not go wobbly now.

For Mike!

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Photo credit: cookies by Koko’s Kitchen

Day 16: Cross Purposes

Fallen LDBCer Shuji Sakai‘s expression says it all in the LDBC-elfie he submitted: sadness and defeat, yes, but also an outlook leavened by the determination to figure out exactly what went wrong and the hope that it won’t be repeated next year. And isn’t that about the best we can do, really?

It’s been a hell of a time since last we checked in, people. More than 400 of us down already, and that’s just those who’ve been diligent enough to fill out the reporting form. (You know the form, right? The one I’m always going on about? You’ll be hearing more about it in order to give us as complete a set of stats as possible at the end of the game, but if you’re out and haven’t done so already, please fill it out.) We have a new hazard to avoid (the “Last Christmas” episode of This is Us, which took out a whole host of unsuspecting LDBCers who didn’t see our warning in time) and some old favorites to fear (The West Wing, the SNL and Pee-wee’s Playhouse holiday specials). It’s getting so you can’t wake up in the morning without feeling the fear.

Because you can’t.

I’m as positive as the next guy. Ask anyone. (Well, except for those who’ll deny it. Not them. Ask other people.) But I must stress that we won’t get through this without staying frosty and maintaining our edge. It also helps to remember some of the key rules:

You have to hear the song, not read it, which is why the New York Times crossword next to our fallen friend Shuji doesn’t count. Though I’m not sorry the Times ran an apology anyway and cited yours truly. Because I am, after all, a creature of vanity. And sarcasm. And poetry. But there’s a good bit of vanity in there to keep its larger cousin, self-doubt, company.

Also, we have an important new addition this year, the “Hoist with His Own Petard” rule, which helps deal with the issue of your irritating uncle who keeps thinking he can trick you into hearing the dreaded tune. It was already the case that you can’t be taken out intentionally. But now, the person who tries to knock you out is eliminated. They are out, not you. And don’t let them try to tell you they’re not playing. We’re all playing. (And the type of person who’d do such a thing is the type who’ll really hate being told they’ve just lost.) Bullies must go down in flames and shame.

Now, it wouldn’t be a check-in without hearing from Sister Julia Skochko. (She’s not a nun or anything. I’ve just started calling fellow LDBCers “Brother” and “Sister” this year because—well, just because, which is why I do most things.) Julia and her kid have bought it already (see gallery, below). And while I don’t know the lady personally, her narratives of victory and loss rank among my favorites every year. So here’s Julia:

Evil combinations rarely get their due. “Chocolate and peanut butter” are widely celebrated. “Peas ‘n’ carrots” singlehandedly conquered the polygonal vegetable market. But what of more sinister pairings? Creepy old houses and axe-wielding maniacs. Rats and plague bacteria. Preschoolers and air horns. And now… THE BOY AND THE DIAMOND INDUSTRY. I should’ve seen it coming. Those sparkly little buggers contain more human suffering per millimeter than the bear-gnawing-on-Leonardo-DiCaprio-like-a-landjäger scene in The Revenant. I’ve never bought, sold, or even held one. And yet I foolishly ventured into a jewelry store in mid-December, and I was punished accordingly… DeMolished by DeBeers.

I blame my son. I was only there because he needed to have his watch band resized. You might not think an eleven year-old needs a watch. You are right! He also doesn’t need a briefcase, yet he has TWO. I’m pretty sure he’s anticipating his first issue of AARP: The Magazine more eagerly than facial hair. ANYWAY. He recently obtained a big, clunky middle-aged man watch, the kind with seven hundred functions (“Beep When My Bratwurst Is Done Grilling”, “Calculate the Fuel Efficiency of My Pontiac Aztek”). The fact that it was comically oversized on his teeny wrist somehow rendered it even LESS cool, so I took him to the local jeweler.

It was there that disaster struck… quietly, in the form of The Temptations. It was… The Last Temptation of Skochko. “Nooooo!” I shrieked. “Huh?” said my son, who’d been ogling some nice understated tie tacks, “… OH, CRAP!” “Hey, guys, your watch is done,” said the jeweler. It was with feigned enthusiasm and a heavy heart that I accepted it. The only thing I needed to know about time was that OUR time… had come.

You see, Julia’s jeweler couldn’t recognize what had just happened, just as nobody understands this thing of ours. Hell, Facebook can’t even translate it properly. Here’s the evidence. Mark Zuckerberg thinks we’re speaking Malay, which only provides cover for The Boy.

New York Times Crossword

Facebook: lost in translation

Yet so we beat on. However, we do it this year without the folks pictured in this latest gallery of LDBC-elfies. Review them. Mourn them. Learn from them. Then dust the snow off and get on with it. As I always say, the little bastard can’t get all of us. Not all of us, he can’t.

For Mike!

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Photo credits: Facebook translation courtesy Kyle Larsen; Times crossword courtesy Tyler Crosby

Day 4: Train in Vain


Ho-ho-aaaaaaagggh!!!: Anderson’s deadly ad

When the grand epitaph of our civilization is written, it will point out that marketing did us in. Or maybe that’s just the early days of this game. This year.

Anyway, it has. For those who haven’t seen the warnings from LDBCers such as Brother Reuben Radding or Brother Joe Hobaica, this year’s H&M ad from director Wes Anderson features a deadly heapin’ helpin’ of LDB. And unfortunately, a whole bunch of our fellow LDBCers didn’t read the warning in time, as the fatalities from viewing that thing have come in thick and fast already. As have the fatalities in general (119 of them having come in via the form so far).

And speaking of fatalities, we have our First Fallen this year, as I announced on the Facebook page. Poor Mike Misch caught the foreshadowing of LDB exposure on Thanksgiving Day, only to be taken out for real the following morning. You know the drill, all: from here on out this season, our battle cry shall be, “For Mike!” We will survive. The Boy can’t get us all. And as for Mike, he will be much-Misched. We Misch him already, in fact. (Don’t blame me; blame Sister Tracy Scarlato, who first made that joke.) And no, I’m not making fun of the man’s name. Listen, my last name is Peck. You really want to talk about growing up taking shots for your name—first the bird gags, and then the phallic references? Really, people.

Also worth noting: I’m keeping my eye on Brother Hobaica. Sure, he warned us. But then he just happened to recall that he works for the company that produced the Anderson ad. Sort of like one of those Westworld host robots that’s all heroic until it flashes back to doing something awful. I’m not saying I don’t trust Joe. I love him. I’m just watching him for glitching.

(My favorite commentary thus far is from Julia Skochko, who narrowly missed being assassinated by Anderson, but wasn’t actually exposed to it: “[S]ince it was Wes Anderson, I’m just assuming it was played on a hand-carved miniature balalaika festooned with vintage beach stickers from the 1940s, too. Such an undignified way to be taken out.”)

There is no dignified way to be taken out, Ms. Skochko, though some are more undignified than others, it’s true. So exercise complete vigilance. And if you don’t, and you zig when you should have zagged, post an LDBC-elfie to the aforementioned Facebook page and fill out the official reporting form.

Below is the first batch of this year’s LDBC-elfies. Kindly remove your hats before viewing.

For Mike!

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Heeeeeere’s Drummy!


Heeeeeere’s Drummy by Jocular James Barnett

Puh-rum-pum-pum-pum, people. It’s on. (It is here on the East Coast, at Chez Mother LDBC, anyway. It kicks off at 12:01 am your time on Nov. 25.)

Be quick or be dead, and best of luck to you, friends and loved ones. Should you go down hard, please remember to post on the Facebook page to share your misery and seek comfort (and maybe include an LDBC-elfie of your moment of loss; below is last year’s game-ending gallery to inspire you in your tragedy-capturing). Also, be sure to fill out the official reporting form so that you’ll be duly enshrined on the Wall of the Fallen at the end of the game.

Remember, whoever’s first to get hit and post or fill out the form receives the honor of this year’s First Fallen.

And if you need a quick review of the rules—as well as a handy post for sharing with newcomers—you’ll find that here.


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Puh-Rum-Pum-Pum-Post-Game Results for 2015


Resolve then, that on this very ground, with small flags waving and tinny blasts on tiny trumpets, we shall meet the enemy, and not only may he be ours, he may be us.

Walt Kelly, June 1953

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, fellow LDBCers—the enemy is The Boy. That jerky kid is a lunatic, and it’s all we can do to stay away from him when he gets the way he does.

But the truth is, he is largely faceless and can look like just about anyone. The more disturbing truth is that he often looks like friends, loved ones or—yes—us. It’s all a matter of who cranks up that holiday playlist that’s “totally safe, so don’t worry.” (And how creepy is that little dog ornament above, by the way? Eagle-eyed Mrs. LDBC spotted the poor fella abandoned on a window sill as we were wandering in our ‘hood. We didn’t take him home, of course. We’re not that crazy.)


For no matter the confidence that goes into that declaration of “safe,” the surety with which you tune into that alternative college station (I’m looking at you, John Richards), or the bravado that fuels you as you blithely click that viral video, when your number’s up, it’s up. You’re Woody Harrelson, realizing you’ve just pulled the pin from one of your grenades—and you don’t know which one. You’re Wallace Shawn, laughing and laughing at your dizzying intellect—right up until the point where you keel over.


And just like that? It’s never-send-to-know-for-whom-the-drum-rolls-it-rolls-for-thee time, my friend.

But not for everyone. And not every year.

In 2015, I won for only the second time in six tries. It was Mrs. LDBC’s fourth victory. And Photoshop wizard James Barnett reports that he’s won every single year. I, for one, believe him. Not because I don’t know him to be an inveterate liar, but because he doesn’t charge me anything for those great posters, and I’d like that to continue. (Anyway, he usually reserves his fibs for the really big whoppers. Like, the ones that bring down dynasties and economies.)

Triumph is possible. This we know. And if it’s not within reach for you in any given year, then you hope that you last long enough to perish with pride, or you pray that you go down with such blinding speed that you’re named First Fallen, as kick-off victim Craig Barker was this time around. (For Craig!)

If none of those things happen? Well, hell—die young and stay pretty, as Ms. Harry melodically advised. Leave behind a beautiful LDBC-elfie. Or, in the case of LDBCer Laura Sigman, a video. (Though if you’re reading this during an active game, do not watch, as this snippet contains LDB and will drop you like Black Flag on a yellow jacket.)

This year, 24 percent of us made it to midnight on the 23rd, which warms my heart on an afternoon when, as I type this, the snow is falling in hand-sized flakes. We ended the game with nearly 3,200 likes on the Facebook page, a pretty-darned-respectable number, says I. Or as respectable as this thing of ours gets. (“Respect” isn’t a word I’m used to having in the room with me, you understand.)

LDB Body Shop

Credit: LDB Body Shop by Laura Scandura Rea

Bing and Bowie reclaimed their throne this year, knocking the Harry Simeone crew down to runner-up status. (Worth noting: if you were to combine the “Peace on Earth” duet with Der Bingle’s solo version, nobody’d come near Killer Crosby.) Will Ferrell, as he does every game, contributed his share of Ferrell Fatalities. But I must admit I was surprised at Grace Jones’s surge. Every time I think a threat has been nullified with knowledge, I discover how wrong I am. Many an unfortunate LDBCer didn’t know to avoid that Pee-wee’s Playhouse clip when it inexplicably went viral. They know now.

It was a year for expecting the unexpected. Libby Frank refused to use any performance-enhancing devices and won, the equivalent of scaling Everest without supplemental oxygen. Laura Scandura Rea executed an inspired strategy of using ear protection at the airport and lost.

Are all our best plans laid to waste? Is it mere fate? Do we really live in such a chaotic universe? I don’t know, folks. I just run the game.

What I do know, however, is that I love running it, and I’m always grateful to both the battle-scarred veterans and the fresh faces who show up every year. I couldn’t find the comment, but someone wrote that the LDBC helps make the season bearable for those who are usually lonely at holiday time. If it helps, I’m happy. And tales such as Thomas Carpenter’s make me even more so.

That said, here are the faces, figures, names, and stories, friends. As always, if you didn’t get a chance to fill out the form, but want to get on the Wall, you still have the opportunity. I’ll check back and toss you latecomers up there from time to time.

A very Happy New Year to you and yours, all, and best wishes for a totally terrific 2016. As always…

Puh-rum-pum-pum-pum, people.


The Quick and the Dead

LDBC Place of Demise, by Type

Source: LDBC Analytics, Inc.

Song Sung Blue

2015 Homicidal Artist Breakdown

Source: LDBC Analytics, Inc. (Click chart for full-sized version)

Here Is Where the Story Ends

LDBC Place of Demise, by Type

Source: LDBC Analytics, Inc. (Click chart for full-sized version)

LDBC-Elfies: Tragedy and Triumph Captured

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LDBCer Tales from the Trenches

Olivia Allen-Hall – L
I was by the onions when I heard it. In retrospect, not sticking to the apples was a mistake.

Morgan Noel – W

Victory! I will now listen to Neil Peart drum solos on YouTube to celebrate.

Irit Printz – L

I will only add that any reports of a rabbi hanging around the lobby of the Hotel Atlantica, cursing up a storm for no apparent reason on the evening of December 4th are pure rumors and have nothing to do with me at all.

Valerie Sacchetti – L

I was in NY to attend my grandmother’s funeral. Nice parting shot, NaNa.

Brian Tetrault – L

“Music for music people” my @$$, WTMD.

Jennifer Vanmatre – L

My local public radio betrayed me…and after all that pledge money, too. Bastards.

Essie Wagner – L

I was there to buy chocolate for my co-workers who visit me at my desk. Bitter. Dark. Chocolate.

Heidi Wiedemann – L

I yelled out to the young sales clerk, “You killed me!” She looked stunned. And then I said, “Hold on—I need to take a picture.”

Nicole Zezzo – L

I feel that the true meaning of Christmas is to eradicate that smug little drumming fucker.

Esther Summer – L

Why was the LDB in the ladies room? I went there for privacy.

Pauline Sundby – L

Yet more proof that television is bad for you.

Terra Spencer – L

Trust no one.

Paul Schmidt – L

Damn you, Ron Burgundy.

Beth S – L

Otherwise, RJ Julia Booksellers is a very swell place to work and shop.

Jennifer Pontefract – W

I won only because of the thoughtful and vigilant LDBC community.

Mandy Rose – L

Alas, there was no grace from Grace Jones.

Julie Thompson – L

The title of the video was “Looks Can Be Deceiving.” Yes, they sure can.

James Barnett – W

Chump thinks he can come at me? At me?

The Victorious and the Vanquished: The LDBC Wall

Name Result
Jacqui W
A., Lisa L
Abbott, Edward L
Achauer, Allison L
Adair, David W
Adams, Christoph W
Adams, Sam W
Adler, Ellyn L
Agins, Chuck W
Ainsworth, Catherine L
Albans, Dylan L
Albright, Kristen L
Alhadeff, Daniel W
Allen-Hall, Olivia L
Allen, Mj W
Allmer, Christina L
Allyn, Heath W
Almjeld, Karin L
Almjeld, Susan L
Amberger, Bob L
Ammerman, Amy L
Anastasia, Shandielle L
Anderson, Jb L
Anderson, Sue L
Andrews, Lisa L
Angier , Cynthia L
Anthony, Kathy W
Arlauckas, Regina L
Arnold, Joni W
Arnold, Richard L
Aronoff, Janee L
Asa, Skye L
Aubrey-Sudilovsky, Alexis L
Austin, Karen W
Avery, Cam W
Ayer, Katy L
B, Kris W
B, M L
B., Isaac L
Baange, Eugie W
Babcock , Jenna L
Bailie, Beth L
Baiyor , Patricia L
Baker, Jamie L
Balsam, Jessica L
Banks, Stacie L
Barker, Craig L
Barker, Jennifer L
Barnett, James W
Barry, Sally L
Batchelor, Rhonda W
Bauer, Renee W
Beachy, Susan L
Beckley, Lisa L
Benedetto, Anna L
Benjamin, Rebecca L
Bennett, Angela L
Bernal, Victoria L
Berry, David L
Bianchi, Emma L
Biando, Becky W
Biddlecomb, Susan W
Bingham, Craig L
Birkemeier, Glenn L
Black, Alan L
Black, Nate L
Blackburn, Barak L
Blackburn, Robin W
Blackler, Kelly L
Blair, Natalie L
Blanchard , Joanne L
Bloom, Melanie L
Blumenau, Ana W
Bodnar, B L
Bogan, Emily W
Bogart, Heather L
Bogert, Adam L
Bonk, Kat L
Booth, Brendon W
Borchardt, Jennifer L
Bowers, Justin L
Boyd, Anne W
Boyle, Bridget L
Boyle, Keri W
Bracebridge, Tory L
Braganza, Desiree W
Braine, Bill L
Brecher, Elisabeth L
Bremer, Grant W
Brinkerhoff, Mark W
Broner, Jacqueline W
Brookshaw, Chip L
Brown, Jessica L
Brown, Mary Jo W
Brown, Michele L
Brundage, Pat L
Brunson, Terri L
Bryson, J.S. L
Bubier, Jason L
Buchbinder, Brian W
Bunce, Renshin W
Burbank, Valentina L
Burch, Scooter L
Burkart, Melissa L
Burkhardt, Amy W
Burns, Maura L
Burns, Terri W
Butkiewicz, Christine L
Butler, Christine L
Butler, Will W
Byrne, Brian L
C, Brenda L
C, Ginny L
C, Karen W
Cain, Fonda L
Calhoun, Ivan L
Camp, Dawn L
Campbell, Deb L
Cappiello, Elaine L
Capria, Frank L
Carlson-King, Tracy L
Carpenter, Thomas L
Carroll-Clark, Susan W
Carter, Mary Alice L
Carvalho, Lisa L
Caston, Casey L
Chamness, Janelle L
Chessmar, Mary L
Chilson, Dawn W
Chochol, Caroline W
Church, Lisa W
Churchill-Danis, Jessica L
Cicero, Donna L
Cicero, Morgan L
Clohessy, Deedee L
Cohen, Jay L
Cole, Emily L
Coleman, Tami L
Connolly, Cyndi L
Cook, Kelly L
Cooke, Stephen L
Cooper, Jason L
Cooper, Robin L
Coss, Jeremy L
Cottle, Traci L
Craig, David L
Crane, Susan L
Crawford, Mindy L
Creamer, Duncan L
Crosby, Tyler W
Culp, David L
Cummings, Dan L
Currie, Alyssa L
Curro, Christy L
Curtis, Tammy L
Cyr, Erin W
D, Claudia L
D, Meredith L
Dailing, Paul L
Dammit Dixon, Jennifer L
Dark, Stephanie L
Darling , Mere L
Davis, Al L
Davis, Jonathan L
Davis, Matthew L
Davis, Tina W
Dean, Liz L
Deangelo, Keri L
Decastro-Lobisser, Rena W
De Lis, Tara W
Del Ponte, Katie L
Delano, Tim L
Demange, Mary L
Denchy, Ruth L
Denehie, Elizabeth W
Desimone, Mickie L
Dever, Wendy L
Diamond, Joshua W
Didomizio, Joseph L
Dimitri, C. Robert L
Dinwiddie, Melissa W
Dishman, Chelsea L
Dixon, Tim L
Dobbyn, Francesca W
Dobrinski , Rebecca L
Doherty, Dawn W
Dorsey, Chantelle L
Dost, Andy L
Douglas, Kim W
Draper, Dave W
Dunn, Barbara W
Dupriest , Matt W
Durham, Murphy L
Durish, Tiffany L
Durkin, Kathleen L
Duthie, Holly W
Dyer, Katie L
E-C, Josh & Trixie L
E, Justine L
E, Paul L
Eades, Ellen W
Eastman, Erin W
Eb, Kevin L
Eberle , Kathy L
Eckert-Chu, Corrin L
Eckert, Elspeth L
Eckert, Karin L
Elena, Christina L
Elia, Shannon L
Elizabeth, Queen L
Ellis, Stephanie L
Enge, Jon L
Epstein, Ava W
Erwin, Robin L
Espinosa, Andi L
Esterman, Sammi L
Fabini, Angela L
Farrington, Kelly L
Febres, Iris L
Feeney, James L
Fermenich, Justin W
Fernandez, Julia L
Fine, Adam L
Finkelman, Kailey W
Finkelstein, Elizabeth L
Finnegan, Sheila L
Fintschenko, Pete L
Fischer, Molly L
Fisher, Laura L
Fitter, Fawn L
Fitter, Mara W
Fitzgerald, Mark L
Fitzgerald, Scott W
Fletcher, Ben L
Fletcher, Emily L
Fletcher, Kristin W
Flinn, Wes W
Flynn, Colleen L
Foreman , Tiffany L
Forst, Christina L
Forstater, Ann L
Foster, Deann L
Fox, Abby L
Fox, Elizabeth W
Foxworthy, Brandee W
Frank, Libby W
Frank, Zilpha (Lisa) W
Frazar, Ford L
Freeman, Myron L
Friedman, Leeann L
Friendly, Stirling W
Fritz, Robb L
Frye, Darrell L
Gaither, Daigan W
Ganey, Sara L
Ganz, Claudia W
Garcia, Chel W
Garcia, Rudy L
Gardner , Rebecca L
Gatling , Sara L
Gelfand, Bev W
Giangrande, Tina L
Gironella, Ninette L
Gomez, Amanda L
Grant, Kim W
Greene, Emily L
Greiner, Michael L
Grengs, Dayna L
Gripman, Jen W
Gripman, Stuart W
Grodis, Beth L
Gualtieri, Jessika W
Gunning, Walker L
Guterman, Lila L
H, Amanda L
H, H L
H, Lafawne L
Hahn, Madeleine L
Hailey, Meredith W
Hamblen, Amanda W
Hamblen, Lisa L
Hamilton, Heather L
Hamilton, Reid L
Hannan, Sara L
Hanses, Ben L
Hardy, Susan L
Harkins, Barbara L
Harms, Eric W
Harris, Emily L
Harvey , Larisa L
Hatch, Rollie L
Haught, Megan L
Hawkins, Elizabeth L
Hawley, Rob L
Hawn, Matthew W
Hddn, Jeff L
Heck, Emily L
Hendrickson, Kathy L
Hermanson, Dalea W
Hernandez, Adriana L
Herne, Bree L
Herrington, Betsy L
Herron, Kelly W
Hight, Brian L
Hill , Michael L
Hill, Christine L
Hill, Jeff L
Hilton, Theresa L
Hindman, Joyce W
Hodgens, Evan W
Holland, Kimberly L
Hood, Sara L
Hopkins, James L
Hornyak, Jeff L
Houlihan, Christopher L
Howard, Beth L
Hubbell , Sunni L
Huey, AJ W
Hufford, Amy L
Hugo, Heather L
Hurford, Terry L
Husted, Mariah L
Husted, Rachel L
Hyland, Mary Pat L
Hytowitz, Rebecca L
I, Elizabeth L
Igoe, Tom L
Ives, Brian L
Jackson, Rae L
Jacob, Lou L
Jacob, Renae L
Jacobson, Meredith L
James, Suz L
Jean, Linda L
Jess, Dj W
Johnsen, Craig L
Johnson , Barb L
Johnson, Brian L
Johnson, Lori L
Jones, Kale W
Jones, Karen L
Joyce, Brian L
Judge, Serena L
Juncker, Chandra W
K, Jennifer L
K., Sasha W
Kamm, Lisa L
Kasler, Jo L
Katz, Meimei L
Kelleher, Desiree L
Keller, Julie L
Kelly, Courtney L
Kelly, Kevin L
Kern, Desiree W
Kh, Molly L
Kief, Kristen L
Kilgore, Addie W
Kilyanek, Brooke L
Kirk, Kerri W
Kittredge , John L
Kittredge, Khalil L
Klein, Dee L
Klimek, Amanda W
Knight, Brandie L
Kohn, Tina W
Kohn, Vicky L
Kopperman , Leah W
Kowalski, Nancy L
Kraiger, Michael L
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Macdonald, Peter L
Mackinnon, Bryn W
Madesclaire, Marine W
Madison, Anne L
Madzin , Kathleen L
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Maloney , Sean L
Manguchei, Kendyce L
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Marsden, Malcolm L
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Michetti Somers , Dina W
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Zoccola, Dianne L

A Good Day Sacramento Check-In

Good Day Sacramento

WARNING, PEOPLE OF THE FUTURE: If you’re scrolling down to read old posts and found this one, do not play this video during the game; it contains LDB and will kill you dead. Happy Holidays.

I did my final 2015 check-in with Cody and Melissa at Good Day Sacramento this morning.

I’m still waiting a few days past the holidays for folks to fill out the official reporting form and post their victory LDBC-elfies to the Facebook wall so that I can do the official tally and game-end wrap-up. However, right now, as I say in the interview, it looks like we have about a one-in-five win rate (around 19 percent for you sticklers). And the deadliest environmental categories are home, retail/restaurant, car, and work.

Once again, for easier reporting, I’m embedding the form below. And since I’ll give it a while for the more casual LDBCers to report in, the final wrap-up may not appear until a week or so into the New Year.

Speaking of which, Happy New Year! (I like to get these things out of the way early.)

Click to watch: Good Day Sacramento video

Day 23: Yeeeeee-HAH!

Happy Granny

It’s happy-dance time, friends. It’s over. (Well, it is on the East Coast and in the Midwest, home of LDBC Central, anyway. Our friends on the West Coast and all points further back in the Earth’s rotation have to make it for a bit more since the game ends at midnight your local time.)

Everybody out of the cee-ment pond.

Little Drummer Boy

Southern California Little Drummer Boy by Susan Biddlecomb

Time for the bastard Boy to wave goodbye for another year while we bind our wounds, collect our dead, and celebrate our survival—if indeed we have survived.

You know the drill. Over the next few days, please fill out the official reporting form (linked here and embedded below) with your loss or victory if you haven’t done so. I’ll post a few reminders to catch the stragglers before I start compiling our ever-lovin’ stats and put together the hallowed LDBC Wall.

Also, all you lucky, lucky survivors, please post a gloriously happy LDBC-elfie to the Facebook wall, and I’ll share all your celebratory faces in the 2015 wrap-up post.

Before all that, though, I want to share an LDBC-elfie gallery and two tales. The first, from Wes Flinn, is short and light-hearted, but inspiring all the same:

My wife held the door to a gas station bathroom closed so I could not get out. She did it because the Boy was in the station and I couldn’t hear him in the bathroom. (She was taken out a couple of weeks back.) I love her so much for this.

The second, from Thomas Carpenter, is honestly one of the most touching posts I’ve seen in the six years we’ve been doing this (right up there with Sue Carkner‘s 2013 Tale from the Trenches):

I’m out! And under the worst possible circumstances.

My husband and I have a dear friend who got a leukemia diagnosis over the summer. She responded well to her initial round of chemo, and pretty quickly found a 10-point match for a bone marrow donor through the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry.

The problem is, that she’s single, and lives alone in NYC, so the hospital wasn’t willing to do the bone marrow transplant unless she had caregivers. My husband and I stepped up and said that she could move in with us while she re-built her immune system.

Here’s the thing about having a bone marrow transplant. You can’t really be out and about among other people. You’ve got no immune system, whatsoever, and the slightest thing could set you back, or worse, could kill you.

Our friend is slowly, but surely recovering, and one of the most important things for her, at this point, is to visit one of the restaurants in our neighborhood, where we’re regulars. We might be pushing it, in terms of going out to eat before her immune system is totally rebuilt, but it’s so important for morale, so we’ve done it. And the restaurant wiped down the bar with ammonia before we even sat down, and the food was served piping hot, so…it seemed a safe bet.

Well, while it was safe for my friend who’s recovering from cancer, it was not safe for me. No sooner did I finish explaining to the bartender the terms of The Little Drummer Boy Challenge…

Etta James. Singing “Come, they told me…” Not the worst version. Actually, probably the best, if you have to hear the song. It doesn’t make your ears bleed, at least. But I immediately shrieked in pain, and everyone around me said, “WHAT? Are you okay?”

I was not okay. They eventually heard what was playing, and knowing what it meant to me, promised that they would delete that song from their playlist forevermore.

So, I’m out. But my friend is cancer-free, and I persuaded a restaurant to amend their holiday playlist, so, I can fall asleep with my soul intact, tonight.

And that’s about it ’til the countin’s done, folks. So fill out the form, people, and in a few days, we’ll put this thing to bed for another year with the post-game wrap-up.

For Craig!

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