Puh-Rum-Pum-Pum-Post-Game Results for 2012

Brody the Rescue Pug
Tail of woe: Brody the cuddly-but-casualty-causing rescue puh-rum-pum-pum-pug. (Credit: Jonathan Davis)

2012 was a year of gravity-defying growth, LDBCers, beginning the season with about 570 of you and ending it with an astounding 1180 (before some of you apparently tired of my babbling—no, I don’t understand it, either—and unliked the page). We had the altruistic (Kristen Huntley and Jonathan Davis sacrificed themselves for the cute little pooch above, which came out of a 3-D printer, or had a microchip embedded in him, or something). We had the villains (Christine Butkiewicz didn’t mince marital words about who was to blame for her demise—it was her hubby). And we had the manipulators (Darren Mewha asked a group of charity carolers for a set list before he allowed them to proceed). We also nabbed new press mentions from the wonderful folks at CNET and the Chicago Sun-Times “Our Town” blog.

But most of all, we flourished or perished together, comforting and kicking, bolstering and berating, crowing and cursing (and oh, was there a lot of cursing—you people are never happier than when you’re lobbing f-bombs, and I join you in your enthusiastic embrace). So here again (and late again, which is becoming a beloved tradition), are the results. If you see that I got it wrong, please comment or send feedback to let us know. And if you’re not on The Wall, it’s not too late to fill out the form.

It’s also not too late to laugh yourself silly at Mrs. LDBC’s killer rundown of “12 Days of Christmas Songs Worse than LDB.”, our LDBCer Dispatches, or even last year’s post-game wrap-up.

This thing wouldn’t work if it weren’t for you, LDBCers. The fact that you show up and populate the page with your wonderful and hilarious comments and reports makes the holiday for us, and we deeply appreciate it. So until the 2013 edition, thank you from the bottom of our grown-three-sizes hearts.

Puh-rum-pum-pum-pum, people.

The Quick and the Dead

2012 LDBC Winners and Losers

Source: LDBC Analytics, Inc.

Song Sung Blue

LDBC Homicidal Artist Breakdown

Source: LDBC Analytics, Inc.

Here Is Where the Story Ends

LDBC Place of Demise, by Type

Source: LDBC Analytics, Inc.

LDBCer Tales from the Trenches

Kristen Huntley – L

My husband (Jonathan Davis – L) and I were walking our dogs when an adorable pug without a collar or tags joined our pack. [See photo above—Ed.] He was a total doll — we tried to knock on doors in the neighborhood, but no one knew who he belonged to. We packed him up in the car and took him to our vet’s office to see if he had a microchip. While we were waiting, Bing & Bowie came onto the radio. Vet’s office got very concerned when we both started shouting, “Oh, Jesus Christ Almighty!”

The good news is: little Brody was reunited with his people, who were visiting from Washington, DC.

Rollie Hatch – L

I immediately left the store without buying anything.

Barb Johnson – L


Irene Connelly – L

The produce section of a Safeway in Bethesda, Maryland. Bob Seger. It was hideous. … Two wins in a row, and now this. I never did like Bethesda that much. At all, really.

Valerie Sacchetti – L

I was eating my favorite breakfast sandwich. It tastes like magic, so I was bitter, but okay.

Jacqueline Broner – L


Ana Cardio – L

All I wanted was a lousy snack before dinner, and instead, I got taken out. I shake my fist at you, LDB!

Sarah Horncastle – L

I console myself with the fact that at least I didn’t fall in a Wal-Mart. That really was my biggest fear!

Gretchen Linder – L

I now hate Rockefeller Center and the giant tree.

James Barnett – W

OONTS OONTS OONTS OONTS. [This is the sound of Mr. Barnett moonwalking to victory.—Ed.]

MaryJo Brown – W

I chose to pick a fight with my spouse, take a pill and go to bed rather than risk losing the LDBC in the homestretch last night!

Harris Falk – W

Not even the headless ghost of Walt Disney could take me out.

Adam Gott – W

Finally, I can stop looking like such an a–hole—wearing headphones in every store and making the clerks talk over them!!!

Mark Murray – W

I can come out of my spider hole now.

Terry Wolfisch Cole – W

[T]his year, I survived two holiday parties, numerous shopping excursions, and one Holiday on Ice special featuring Brian Boitano. See you in 2013!

Joey X – L

I hate that little f–ker.

The Victorious and the Vanquished: The LDBC Wall

Name Result
Denise L
Abbott, Ned L
Abel, Susan L
Abel, Susan Hay L
Abel, Jeremy W
Abramowski, Keith L
Adair, David L
Addison, Libby L
Adrienne, Michael L
Ahern, Nancy L
Albright, Kristen Strong L
Allen, Michael J. W
Althoff, Andrew L
Anastasia Harshbarger, Shandielle W
Anderson, Susan L L
Andrews, Shamela L
Andrews, Shamela L
Andrews, Lisa W
Andrews, Marcus L
Anselmo, Barbara W
Antonelli, Lisa Joanne L
Arnold, Jonathan L
Arnold, Richard L
Arnold, Brian W
Ascencio, Monique I. L
Austin, Karen D. L
Averill, Christian L
Badger, Honey L
Baker, Elizabeth L
Baker, Beth McMahon L
Baker, Jamie L
Banasek, Megan L
Barnett, James W
Barrett, Liz L
Barta, Steve L
Bartram, Michele L
Bassett, Kim L
Bassi, Laurie L
Bauer, Renee (Mrs. LDBC) W
Beachy, Mike L
Beachy, Susan L
Beebe, Gillian L
Bennett, Angela L
Bentley, Dawn L
Berg, Steve L
Bernal, Victoria Poppy L
Berndt, Nicci W
Bersano, Robbie L
Bertsche, Katie W
Betty, Isaac L
Biando, Becky L
Bichsel-Ingold, Stefanie W
Birkemeier, Glenn L
Blackburn, Barak L
Blair, Natily Ginger Snap L
Blanchard, Joanne L
Blanchard, Amy L
Blanchard, Amy Shamel L
Blatt, Jesse L
Blom, Ashley L
Bluestein, Carly L
Bluestein, Lisa L
Bodie, Jennifer L
Bogardus, Marsha Leigh L
Boni, Paul L
Borchardt, Jennifer W
Boschee, Lynne Adams L
Bot, Sooshe W
Boyle, Bridget Joyce L
Bradley, Sumner L
Braine, Bill L
Brand, Amanda W
Brekke, Carolie L
Breland, Jennifer Multiverse L
Bremer, Grant L
Bristol, Kaylei L
Brock, Glenny L
Brody, Larry L
Broner, Jacqueline L
Brooks, Steve W
Brown, Ben L
Brown, Loulie L
Brown, Steven Ray L
Brown, MaryJo W
Buck, Clay L
Burchill, Hannah W
bures, debra W
Burnand, Lisa L
Butkiewicz, Christine L
Butler, Neil W
Byers, Brooke L
C., Christy L
Caldwell, Mandee L
Campbell, Deb L
Campbell, Carolynn W
Candow, Cheyenne W
Caporossi, Suzanne L
Cardio, Ana L
Carey, Jeanette W
Carkner, Sue L
Carr, Mary Alice L
Carrier, Heidi W
Carrier, Jeff L
Casey, Peggy Stentz L
Caston, Casey L
Chadwick, Jonathan L
Chandler, Trey W
Chilson, Dawn L
Christensen, Julie L
Christensen, Julie L
Christian, David W
Cicero, Morgan L
Cicero, Donna Hutchison L
Coffaro, Paul L
Cohen, Jay L
Cohen, Barbara L
Cole, Emily L
Collesano, Michael L
Collier, Lauren L
Connelly, Irene L
Cooley, Martha L
Copass, Mike L
Corbell, Miranda Hill L
Corless, Allie L
Cornish, Scott L
Counts-Tabor, Deb L
Crane, Susan W
Crawford, Mindy Gulden L
Creamer-White, Jennifer L
Crosby, Tyler L
Crowley, Andrew L
Cummins, Kirsten W
Cunningham, Stephanie Yamashita L
Curtis, Tammy L
Daboo, Kim W
Danforth, Mary Beth L
danna, sherryann L
Dark, Stephanie Fishkin L
Dauphin, Marianne L
Davis, Jonathan L
Davis, Laurie W
Davis, Matthew W
Davis, Tina W
Davis Pitt, Beth W
de la Smy, Jamie L
DeBenedetto, Nora Martinez L
DeLange, Lisa L
Delarosa, Matthew L
Deming, Susan L
Denchy, Ruth Ann L
Devine, Sharon L
DiDomizio, Joseph W
Diehl, Lisa Levin-Gerbick L
Dixon, Jennifer L
Dixon, Stephen L
Doron, Alison L
Doron, Meredith L
Doron, Sue McDonald L
Dost, Andy L
Dougherty, Jennifer W
Douglas, Kim L
Dowell, Jenn L
Downing, Angela Reiner L
Dozetos, Barbara W
Dragonsfyr, Stephanie W
Draper, Dave W
Dumont, Gabrielle L
DuPriest, Matt L
Durish, Tiffany Crumb L
DuShane, Melissa Crosson L
Duthie, Holly L
Dye, Jessie L
Eastin, Patty L
Eckert-Chu, Corrin L
Edington, Jillian L
Edwards, Gavin W
Edwards, Tanya L
Ellis, Michelle L
Erwin, Robin L
Espinosa, Andelee L
Falk, Harris W
Feehan, Holly Olson L
Ferguson, Erika Nelson L
Ferguson, Pat L
Ferioli, Peter L
Ficcio, Donna Territo L
Fichtelberg, Aaron L
Finnegan, Sheila L
Fintschenko, Pete L
fiore, tony L
Fiore, Anthony L
Fischer, Molly Lenore L
Fisher, Stella L
Fitzgerald-Aylward, Heather L
Fleckenstein, Katie L
Fleetwood, Katie L
Fletcher, Kristin L
Forfia, Angela L
Fox, Elizabeth L
Francesca, Francesca O L
Frank, Libby L
Frank, Judith Symonds W
Frank, Janice Butler L
Friedman, Cheryl L
Friedman, LeeAnn L
Friedman, Steve L
Friedman-Boyce, Inez L
Fry, Michael L
Fusco, John L
G, J L
Gaither, Daigan L
Galdieri, Julie W
Galinson, Stephanie L
Galles, Aaron L
Galles, Jill L
Ganey, Sara Nuelle L
Gannon, Aaron L
Garrett, Michael L
Gatesy, Matthew L
Gentzler, Jennifer Weller W
Gerstbrein, Eric L
Gertrude, Bella L
Giangrande, Tina W
Gibson, Ben W
Godwin, Bryan L
Goff, Cathy O’Beirne L
Goguen, Etienne W
Goin, Renee Leonard L
Goldfarb, David A. L
Goldman, Nathan W
Goldman-Van Nostrand, Lisa L
González, DJ L
Gooch, SC L
Goodman, Nate L
Gorman, Steve L
Gott, Adam W
GR, Jessica W
Graeler, Ryan L
Grassdottir, Evalena W
Griffith, Kerrin W
Griffiths, Amanda L
Griner, Joe L
Gripman, Ben W
Gripman, Jen W
Gripman, Stuart W
Gualtieri, Jessika L
Guthrie, Caroline W
Gypsies, Goddess Of W
Gz, Ma L
Hagel, Kate Curran L
Hallstrom, Kyle L
Hankins, Jana Knable L
Hanses, Ben L
Harkey, Sharon W
Harrison, Patricia Moley L
Hatch, Rollie L
Hatton, Karl W
Hauser, Jim L
Hawn, Matthew L
Hddn, Jeff L
Heaney, Tim L
Hegedus, Eric W
Heller, Amos L
Hendrickson, Kathy L
Henry, Christopher W
Hernandez, Dave L
Herrington, Betsy L
Hill, Christine L
Hobaica, Joe L
Hobby, Zoe E L
Hoke, Donna W
Holcomb, Mike W
Holly, Miz L
Holmes, Leslie W
Hooper, Matt 0
Hoover, Melissa L
horncastle, sarah L
Hornyak, Jeff W
Hotchkiss, Liz W
Houlihan, Christopher L
Huber, Joanna L
Humphreys, Mary W
Hunt, Melinda W
huntley, kristen L
Husted, Cate L
Hyland, Mary Pat L
Igoe, Tom L
Ingmundson, Kris L
Irwin, Grace L
Jackson, Jonathan L
Jacobson, Meredith W
Jamma, Samma W
Jarett, Jennifer W
Jenkins, Leanne L
Jenkins, Melinda L
Jess, Dave L
Johnson, Barb L
Johnson-Fong, Jennifer L
Johnston, Maura L
Jones, Karen L
Jones, Erin L
Jones, Karen L
Joseph, Jeff W
Joyner, Regina W
Juncker, Chandra Bellamy L
Kakos, Kristen W
Kamm, Lisa L
Kasler‎, Jo חנה L
Kavanaugh, Barb Bayers L
Kellogg, Krisandra L
Kelly, Courtney L
Kelly, Kevin W
Kenyon, Cody L
KH, Molly W
Kief, Kristen W
Kincaid, Jaime W
King, Meggin L
Kirby, Jenn L
Kirklin, Steven W
Kittrell, Amanda L
Knapp, Hannah L
Knowles, Julie Hutchinson L
Kohl, Erica L
Kraiger, Michael L
Krueger, Caroline W
Kunz, Nicole W
Kyla, Cox L
La Rue, Karen L
LacQuaye, Jennifer W
Lai, Annette L
Langdell, James W
Lange, Amanda W
Larrow, Gina W
Larson, Melina L
Laurent, Rebekah L
Lawrence, Deena L
LDBC, Mama L
LeClair, Joe W
Lee, Soojung W
Lefton, Sarah L
Lent, Kristie Drury L
Leo, Jennifer L
Lerner, Mark W
Lewis, Suzanne L
Liao, Jena L
Linder, Gretchen L
Loechner, Kevin L
Loeffler, Carolyn L
Long, Michael L
Lopez, Gabe W
Loveland, Sheila W
Luckey, Dan L
Lutz, Ericka L
Lynch, Eli C. L
Lynch-Kohn, Vicky L
Lysne, Lisa L
Lysne, Lisa L
MacDuffee, Catherine W
Macellaio, Matt L
MacKinnon, Bryn L
Madara, Harry E W
Maier, John W
Manley, Marianna Delinck L
Manley, Kirk Clayton L
Manson, Tycho L
Marie, Stephanie W
Marracco, Muffy L
Marshall, Heidi Hebron L
Marykuca, Brent L
Maslar, Allison Fitzpatrick L
Matheson, Edith L
Maxwell, Jennifer L
Mayes, Candi L
Mayes, Donald L
Mayo, Josephine L
McClough, Seahare L
McConnell, Charlotte W
McCullagh, Angie L
McCullagh, Jim L
McCullough, Mike L
McDaris, John L
McDonald, Andrew W
McElreath, Tim L
McHugh, Christine L
McIntyre, Chris L
McKnight, Nikki L
McManus, Carole Newton L
McNutt, Carol Thomson L
McUne, Jennifer W
Meacham, Alyshondra Stay L
Medvick, Alan L
Meister, E. L
Mellicker, Reya L
Melton, Holly W
Meredith, Nudo L
Meredith, Elizabeth W
Metzner, Joerg L
Mewha, Darren W
Miera, Tom L
Mignone, Bernadette W
Miler, Ralph L
Miller, Don L
Milligan, Jennifer L
Mirenda, Kristen L
Miss-Andrea, Bumper L
Monaco, Michael L
Montanari, Mike L
Moore, Megan L
Moore, Fernanda W
Morayati, Katherine L
Morigeau, Christopher L
Morris, Todd L
Morrison, Amy L
Morrison, Cathy L
Morrison, Maria L
Morrison, Twila L
Morse, Tracy W
Morton, Amy L
Mulhall, Suzanne W
Murphy, Roy L
Murphy, Megan L
Murray, Mark W
Murray, Sandra W
Nachtsheim, Joyce Snell L
Nadig, Lori Boero L
Nak, Liz L
Neifeld, Emily L
Neilclan, Starry W
Nelson, Bradley L
Newlands, Samantha W
Nick Walahala, Sallucci L
Noel, Morgan L
Nolan, Mike L
Nordstrom, Elizabeth W
Northend, Desiree L
Noseworthy, Tery W
November, Sharyn W
Nugent, Sharon L
Oakes, Mary Kay Metzger L
Ochoa, Cassie Jo L
Oh’Snarky, Katy W
Olbrecht, Michael L
Olsen-Jacobsen, Gretchen L
Olson, Julie L
Orr, Amy L
osborne, jacob W
Owens, David W
Padgett, Ray L
Palsson, Carrie Badorek L
Paws, Santa L
Peck, Denise L
Peck, Larry W
Peck, Michael (Mr. LDBC) L
Peters, Toni L
Petit, Marianne R. L
Pfeiffer, Karl L
Plummer, Noel W
Poling, Fred W
Poling, Isabel 0
Poling, Reuben W
Polzin, Kim L
Porter, Brett G L
Portnoi, Dimitri W
Potter, Jeff L
Prebble, Hollt L
Prentice, Kim Drogan L
Prentice, Dave L
Preston, Kathy W
Printz, Irit L
Rackham, Tracy L
Radding, Reuben L
Rafferty, Tess L
Ragan, Greg W
Randall, Stephanie W
Range, Jennifer L
Reardon, Dave L
Record, Drew W
Reed, Tammey L
Reichman, Dana L
Reiss, Randy L
Renfro, Rebecca L
Renzulli, Linda L
Reznek, Karen L
Rice, Shelley Rochel L
Richard, Noah L
Rickert, Crista Harris L
Roberts, Brett W
Roberts, Laurie Wong L
Robichaux, Julie L
Robicheaux, Julie L
Robinson, Michelle L
Ronca, Debbie L
Rose, Mandy L
Rose, Michelle W
Rosen, Peg L
Rosenblum, Sarah W
Rosenthal, Pony L
Ross, Andrew W
Rossean, Kami L
Roth, Amy L
Rowe, Rachel L
Ruggiero, Megan W
Runde, Jenny W
Russell, Kate Slater L
Russo, Dann L
Ruzich, Christian L
Sacchetti, Valerie L
Sacrebleu, Kate L
Sadofsky, Alyson L
Safford, Kevin L
Salvador, Phil L
Sanchez-Murphy, Heather L
Sanford, Alaine L
Santistevan Elin, Donna L
Sawalich, Shelley Friesz L
Sawin, Anna L
Sawin, Anna L
Schaefer, Dan L
Scheer, Alttara W
Schnapper, Kathy L
Schulz, Wendy L
Schwartz, Sarah L
Sciullo, Allison Cubbage L
Sears, Christina L
Seaver, W.A. W
Segall, Margaret W
Senner, Lissa Robertson L
Severson, Kim L
Shea, Kelly L
Sheppard, Lisa L
Sheridan, Maria Cox L
Sherwood, Linda L
Shollenberger, Lee Ann L
Short, Jennifer L
Sigman, Laura L
Simmons, Shari Kelm L
Siple, Eileen W
sisk, ashli W
Skaught, Bradley W
Skinner, Claire W
Skinner, Margaret L
Skochko, Julia L
Sladen, Jane W
Slice, Brendizzle L
Smart, Pamela L
Smith, Lianne L
Smith, Karen L
Smith, Matthew L
Smith, Chris L
Smith, Jeanette L
Smith, Shelley L
Smith, Shannon W
Smotherman, Shelby W
Smyth, Neal L
Soeder, Molly L
Sohl, Judy Wickwire L
Solliday, Joanne L
Solomon, Joshua L
Sorenson, Greg L
Sorokoff, Carrie L
Sparks, Diane L
Speights, Lizzy W
Spreen, Tom W
Spring, Nomy W
Stadelmaier, Carol Eggert L
Staicer, Carmen L
Stamatiades, Flora ‘Lola’ L
Steffen, Chris L
Stephen, Alison Welsh L
Stern, Lexi L
Stevens, Andy L
Stevens, Doug L
Stewart, Dan L
Stickley, Aileen L
Stone-Baltz, Sandra Dvorsky L
Strack, Sandra L
Sullivan, Diane L
Sullivan, Jim L
Summer, Esther L
Sussman, Anne L
Svensson, Anders L
Swedberg and the SukeyJump Band, Heidi L
Sweeney, Ginia L
T, Megan W
Talley, Jennifer L
Tatrin, Mikhail L
Taylor, Hadley L
Taylor, Jason L
Taylor, Jack Emery L
Taylor, Lori Bryngelson L
Taylor, Matt L
Teeter, Don L
Teeters, Carol Reynolds L
Tepper, Michele L
Tetreault, Brian L
Thomas, Cathy D L
Thompson, Julie Ogden L
Thompson, Dylan W
Thompson, Erik Zelda L
Thurman, Thomas L
Thurman, Carri W
Timms, George L
Turchette, Alicia Kloesel L
Turowsky, Andi L
Tuyn, Andrea L
Underhill, Amanda L
Underhill, Amanda L
van Noordennen, Pieter L
Van Oss, Ilyssa L
VanMatre, Jennifer L
Varela, Ashley L
Velten, Lorri L
Vertino, Dave L
Visnov, Michael L
Von Ahn, Lisa L
Von Brilzovich, Erich Bruno L
Voss, Danae L
W, Honora W
Wagner, Essie L
Wahl, Ferris L
Walsh, John L
Walsh, Krista L
Ward, Terence P L
Ward, J. Robin L
Watson, Michael L
Weber, Kendra L
Wegenka-Moretti, Melissa W
Weinert, Sara L
Wenk, Sarah L
Wertz, Christine L
Wessel Walker, Mary W
Westbrook, Mel L
Whalen, Connor W
Whalen, Quinn W
White, Libby L
White, Beth L
White, Dave L
White, Dave L
Whitesides, Zee W
Whitright II, Terry W
Whitton, Audra L
Wiener, Adam L
Wilcox, Kirstin L
Wilcox, Michele W
Williams, Raymond L
Williams, Susan L
Wilson, Molly Logan L
Winslow, Lisa Davies L
Wise, Newton L
Wolbach, Erika L
Wolfisch Cole, Terry W
Wood, Dana L
Works, Laura L
Wright, Diana W
Wyght, Deborah W
Wyland, Susan L
X, Joey L
Yarbrough, Susan H L
Yoder, Patrick L
Yukich, Rachel L
Zellmer, Kirsten L
Zoccola, Dianne L
Zutterling, Amy L

Puh-Rum-Pum-Pum-Post-Game Results for 2011

‘Twas a mighty eventful Challenge this year, LDBCers. We started with 98 of you and ended with 577 (578 until some intolerant soul un-liked the page—can you imagine?). We had mentions in The Village Voice and The Onion AV Club, and your humble LDBC Master was interviewed (and voluntarily knocked out of the game) on WNYC’s Soundcheck. We lived, laughed, and loved together—though never in person and never explicitly, so there’s nothing that would hold up in court. And we won or lost based on skill, strategy, and plain-old dumb luck (mostly the latter), supporting and mocking one another in equal measure. And now, after all my procrastination has run its course, we see the results.

I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves. As you’ll note, the win-loss columns don’t add up to 577, and that’s because not everyone reported back with a result. No matter, though; you work with the data you have and the stories behind the figures.

And what stories there were. Gretchen Linder was taken down by Charlotte Church and someone named Joe Clantz, who “gleefully” ran over to point out that it was playing at the office Christmas party. (Sorry, Joe—you’re not an LDBCer, and you’re a heartless fink, to boot, so no bolded font for you.) Libby Frank is married to a man who shrugged her loss off, saying merely, “You realize it’s not actually a real thing, right?” Likewise, Jen Gager has chosen to spend her life with a lout who laughed at her misfortune. Tanya Edwards was struck down while buying ingredients for mojito Jello shots … and I’ll never let her forget it, though I doubt she will anyway. John McPartlin blamed his young daughter for making him go to Boston Market instead of Chipotle, and he was in good company since many an LDBCer was killed off through the actions and choices of unthinking loved ones.

The numbers tell the story of who prevailed and who succumbed, though they don’t convey how people such as Richard Arnold and Chris Smith cursed in front of strangers and acquaintances when they heard the fatal notes. (It’s left to me to do that, so I just did.) They tell the story of who killed off the most LDBCers (the Killer Bs of Bing, Bowie, Bob Seger and Justin Bieber) and the most perilous spots to be (retail stores, followed by home-sweet-home and restaurants). And they tell us … well, I guess that’s pretty much all they have to say.

And this is pretty much all I have to say, too: When you think about it, we’re all winners. Except for, of course, those of us who didn’t actually win. But so we beat on, year after year, and that’ll do it for this one. Thanks, as always, for playing, and we’ll see you in November.

Oh, and this: Puh-rum-pum-pum-pum, people.

The Quick and the Dead

LDBC Winners and Losers

Source: LDBC Analytics, Inc.

Song Sung Blue

LDBC Homicidal Artist Breakdown

Source: LDBC Analytics, Inc.

Here Is Where the Story Ends

LDBC Place of Demise, by Type

Source: LDBC Analytics, Inc.

Those Honored, Those Remembered

Name Result
Aaron Gannon L
Aileen Stickley L
Alan Becker L
Alison Ashe L
Alison Ʊ Doron L
Alttara Scheer W
Alyson Sadofsky L
Amanda Kittrell L
Amanda Lange L
Amelia Saurus L
Amy Elizabeth W
Amy Pojman L
Amy Roth W
Ana Tatsumi L
Anand ShutDown R W
Anders Svensson L
Andrew Crowley L
Andrew Dost L
Andrew Shrader L
Andy Johnson L
Andy Stevens L
Angela Fabiani L
Ania Ziemirska W
Anna Carideo L
Anne Sussman L
Anthony Fiore L
Aron Willey L
Ashli Sisk L
Audra Whitton L
Barb Johnson L
Becky Lyons Borgia L
Beth McMahon Baker L
Beth White L
Bob Britten L
Bonnie Adamski Lewis L
Brent Marykuca L
Bruce Malone W
Bryn MacKinnon L
Bumper Miss-Andrea L
Carol Aplin L
Carol Eggert Stadelmaier L
Carol Getz Abolafia L
Caroline Loy L
Carolyn Loeffler L
Carolynn Cambpell L
Caryn Havlik L
Catherine Wells Husted L
Cathy Morrison L
Chandra Asar L
Chandra Bellamy Juncker L
Charlie Brown L
Charlie Martin L
Chris Masling L
Chris McIntyre L
Chris Smith L
Chris Weller L
Christine Griffard Licata L
Christine Moore Desnoyer L
Christine Strouse Treadwell L
Christine Wertz L
Christopher Burns L
Christopher Houlihan W
Claire E. Skinner W
Claire Milto L
Claudia Stone L
Cody Kenyon L
Da’Nara Shupe W
Dan Stewart L
Daniel Aaron Weir L
David Briggs Cudworth L
David Grainger W
David McLary L
David Moore L
David Simmer II W
Debbie Ronca L
Debra Lean Campbell L
Desiree Northend L
Diana Gilliland Wright L
Donna Hoke W
Donna Hutchison Cicero L
Doug Whitehead L
Ed Ahrenhoerster L
Elijah Philipp L
Elizabeth Baker L
Elsa Ingpen L
Emily Cole L
Eric Hildebrand L
Erica Chase-Salerno W
Erica Yu L
Ericka Lutz L
Essie Wagner L
Esther Summer L
Evalena Grassdottir L
Gabe Lopez L
Gabrielle Bollaert L
Geoff Morrison L
George Timms L
Gretchen Linder L
Hadley Taylor W
Hannah Burchill L
Harry Henderson L
Holly Duthie L
Holly Melton L
Irene Connelly W
Irit Printz L
Isaac Betty L
J.r. Sprawls L
Jacqueline Broner W
James Allen L
James Barnett L
Jamie Baker L
Jamie Rahdar L
Jana Steiger Hoffman L
Jane Wojick L
Janey Wilcox W
Jay Cohen L
Jed Levin L
Jeff Carrier L
Jeff Hddn L
Jeff Joseph L
Jen Gager L
Jen Gripman L
Jen Rew L
Jena Liao L
Jenn Dougherty L
Jennifer Bodie L
Jennifer Borchardt L
Jennifer HunnyBadjer Creamer-White L
Jennifer Leo L
Jennifer Prather L
Jennifer VanMatre L
Jenny Runde L
Jessica Troilo L
Jill Brandt Fitzpatrick L
Jill Cimorelli L
Jill Galles L
Jill Naylor Chamberlain L
Jim Hauser L
Jo חנה Kasler L
Joanne Carey Blanchard L
Joanne Solliday L
Joe Berletic L
Joe Hobaica L
Joe LeClair L
John McPartlin L
John Walsh L
Jonathan A Neufeld L
Joseph Lillo L
Josh Kaput W
Joyce Snell Nachsheim W
Julia Skochko L
Julie Robichaux L
Kailyn Kent L
Karen D. Austin L
Karen Griffin L
Karen Jones L
Kat Keeley L
Kat Slater Russell L
Kate Curran Hagel L
Kate Rayland House L
Kate Schroeder L
Katherine Morayati L
Katherine Turman W
Kathy Schnapper L
Keith Abramowski L
Kevin Colligan L
Kevin Kelly L
Kevin Loechner L
Kevin Safford L
Kim Drogan Prentice L
Kimberley Grant L
Kirsten Cummins L
Kristen Kakos L
Kristen Kief L
Kristin Fletcher L
Laura Sigman L
Laura Ward W
Lauran Burrell L
Laurie Bassi L
Laurie Kutoroff L
Lee Rosen L
Lee Warren L
Leigh M. Johnson L
Lexi Stern L
Lianne Smith L
Libby Frank L
Libby Hall W
Libby White L
Lily Burana L
Linda Foley Renzulli L
Lisa DeLange L
Lisa Kamm W
Lisa Lysne L
Lisa Ng W
Lisa Taylor Andrews L
Lisa Von Ahn L
Lori Newton L
Luke Wahl L
Luna Tik L
Lynette Hoke Meslinsky L
Lys Amlaw Swift L
Maggie Keiley L
Mame McCutchin L
Mandy Rose W
Margaret Borger L
Marianne Dauphin L
Marianne R. Petit L
Marissa Hoover L
Mark Lerner L
Martha Bader L
Mary Evelyn Humphreys W
Mary Gregorio L
Mary Kay Metzger Oakes L
Mary-Ann Roach L
MaryJo Hobaica Brown W
Matt Eyman L
Matt Rogers L
Matthew Davis L
Matthew Horton L
Matthew Savard L
Matthew Smith L
Maura Lynch L
Maureen McDonald Ramsay L
Megan Moncrief W
Megan Ruggiero L
Melody King Siracusa W
Meredith Nudo W
Michael Collesano L
Michael Kraiger L
Michael W Cummins L
Michele Rhoades L
Michele Tepper L
Michelle Rose W
Mike Holcomb L
Milon Nagi L
Molly Ker Hawn L
Morgan Noel L
Muckrel Carey L
Nadya Soto L
Nancy Ahern L
Nancy Duggan L
Nathan Goldman L
Neal Smyth L
Neil Butler L
Nick Distler L
Nikki McKnight L
Noah Richard L
Nora Martinez DeBenedetto L
Pamela Dye L
Pamela Smart L
Pat Ferguson L
Patricia D’Ambroso L
Paul W. Smith L
Paul Yarrow L
Peg Rosen L
Penny Little Hawk L
Peter Dworkin L
Phil Salvador L
Pieter Van Noordennen W
Randy Reiss W
Rebecca Renfro L
Renée Bauer W
Restless Photography L
Reuben Poling L
Richard Arnold L
Robert Dunn L
Robert Wolf L
Robin Hernandez L
Roger Oliver L
Ronit Bezalel W
Rush Brady L
Sag Ittandy L
Sandra Stone-Baltz L
Sara Smith Sangermano L
Sara Wright L
Sarah E. H. Wolfe L
Sarah Hargus Ferguson L
Sarah Horncastle L
Sarah Michelle Key L
Sarah Springer L
Sarah Wenk L
Scott Cornish L
Scott Heller L
Scott Sandstrom L
Sean Curry W
Shamela Andrews W
Shannon Smith L
Sooshe Bhat W
Starry Neilclan L
Stefanie Bichsel-Ingold W
Steph Tember L
Stephanie Fishkin Dark L
Stephen Berg L
Sue McDonald Doron L
Susan Campbell Beachy L
Susan Deming L
Susan Drucker Ericson W
Susie Milner L
Susie Perry Pedersen L
Suzanne Caporossi L
Suzanne Reardon-Mulhall L
T J JoAnne Phister L
Tanya Edwards L
Tara Brouwer W
Tara Shupe L
Terence Patrick Ward W
Terry Wolfisch Cole L
Thalia Considine W
Tiffany Provencher W
Tiffany Woods L
Tim Heaney L
Tina Giangrande L
Tom Spreen L
Tommy Carter L
Trey Chandler L
Twila Morris L
Tycho Manson L
Valerie Moloney L
Vaness Castro Resweber L
Victoria Poppe Bernal L
W.A. Seaver W
Whalen Connor L
William Altreuter L
Zach Whitesides L