World Party: The Home Countries of LDBC Visitors

Happy Sad Faces
This is your planet on LDBC. Image courtesy AZRainman

While the malevolent Boy remains mostly an American problem, judging by this visual representation of the countries people visiting our beloved site hail from, the problem has evidently spread around the globe to some surprising places.

Canada’s no surprise, certainly. We’ve been sending nuisances and outright disturbances northward for hundreds of years now, and they, in turn, send us their best and brightest hockey players. The Aussies aren’t much of a shock, either, considering they have a long tradition of welcoming outside threats (house cats) when they’re not actively restocking their supply of native monstrosities (saltwater crocodiles, anyone?).

But Indonesia? Pakistan? Ghana? Bhutan? Latvia? Who knew the rhythmic little creep has such range?

I’ll shut up and let the flags speak for themselves, but look alive, faithful LDBCers. Even in the most far-flung lands, that rat-a-tat rat may find you.

Flags and map
Visits by country to since February 25, 2012

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