Fright Club: The Devil Made LDB Do It

I’m damned glad to have met artist and LDBC pal James Barnett. (Don’t worry: in order to maintain balance in the universe, he’s very sorry he ever met me.) The man is a visual genius. Not only does he take wonderful wedding photos and portraits for those lucky enough to live in Phoenix, Tempe, or Scottsdale, and not only has he done some cool stuff with my novel, but he’s also a driving force behind some of my favorite Drummer Boy imagery. (A couple years back, he gave us the oft-used Drum Demon.)

Now he’s back and better than ever, contributing a wondrous series of sharable LDBC images inspired by classic horror movies. Being cruel generous as we are, we’re going to dole them out slowly so that you may suffer enjoy them as much as possible.

First up, an absolutely brilliant piece of work based on the poster from William Friedkin’s 1973 pea-soup classic The Exorcist. Please download and share the image, this post—whatever you wish. Let’s bring in as many friends, loved ones, and complete strangers as we can worldwide and really pollute enhance the holidays this year.


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