Day 19: Steel Wheels of Woe

CTA Holiday Train

CTA Holiday Train: Purple Line, Noyes Street Station

Just a quick tale of encouragement and luck, fellow LDBCers.

The CTA calls it the Holiday Train. I call it The Boy on Wheels.

It certainly looks and sounds delightful enough. What’s not to like? A special L train all decked out with lights, elves, holiday décor, and merriment. That last part is important.

The merriment includes music.


I saw the murderous machine pull in and didn’t even consider running for it. I kept my distance and documented the atrocity, in fact. Then I caught the next blissfully unadorned train.

Nice try, North Pole.

Ever-vigilant, friends.

(The usual reminder: should your vigilance fail you, please report in via the official form so that you’re included in the gratifyin’ game-end stats.)

For Craig!

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